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Welcome to "ADHD and Marriage"

Helping adults thrive in relationships impacted by ADHD
Dr. Edward Hallowell and Melissa Orlov blog about marriage when one or both spouses has ADHD. What is it like? What are common themes in marriages with ADHD? What strategies can be used to improve these relationships? How can struggling couples get their marriages back on track so both partners can thrive?

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You may have ADHD, or you may be married to someone with ADHD and wondering whether it may be affecting your relationship.  This site can help you learn much more BUT PLEASE READ THIS before you explore for the first time!  Let me introduce you to what’s here. >>> Read more >>>

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Keeping ADHD Awareness Week Positive

October 16-22 is ADHD Awareness Week and I would like to post one great thing that you love about your own ADHD or your spouse's ADHD every day that week.  Even if you are unhappy with the way your relationship is currently going, there is likely at least ONE positive thing you can come up with!  I invite you to post the positives here and, like my mother used to say, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it!"  In any event, we all know that ADHD can be a pain but let's also remember there are some wonderful traits that are easy to fall in love with, too.

P.S.  I will also offer tips for couples that week, probably related to the posts.

ADHD Effect Kindle Version Now Available!

FINALLY I can announce that the e-book of The ADHD Effect on Marriage is up and ready for download at Amazon!!!  Soon (but not quite yet, I guess) it will be available for other e-book formats as well.  Yay! >>> Read more >>>

ADHD Effect Audio Chapters for Free Download - I Want Your Feedback!

I want YOUR feedback!  SO many people have asked for an audio version of my book that I decided to do an experiment.  I've put together a version of me reading the first two chapters, which I'm offering for free download to anyone who is a registered user at this site.  I'm asking for your help - would you please give me honest feedback about it?  I'll complete the book if you give the effort a thumbs up.  I'm particularly interested in the feedback from those with ADHD who say they can't get through a book - does this format help?  Please let me know so I can decide whether or not to finish the entire book!  Get the download HERE.

Join the Conversation Around ADHD Marriage and Anger

Every once in a while there is a forum discussion happening that is so relevant for so many readers that I note it in my blog and direct people to it.  We have one going on right now about anger and grief that I think is worth your time to read.  And I’ll add a few of my thoughts here: >>> Read more >>>

The Neuroscience of Negative Thinking

I just came across this excellent article that addresses the neuroscience of negative thinking and what we can do about changing negative patterns of thinking.  Go to this link to read it.  I'll try to post the second segment when it is published.

Time Cover Story Misses ADHD Cohort

The August 8th cover story of Time Magazine was entitled "Chore Wars" with the subhead "Let it go.  Make peace.  Men and women, it turns out, work the same amount."  But like divorce statistics that are much more illuminating when parsed by cohort (ex: couples who married young are more likely to divorce than those with college degrees who married later) so, too, are chore war statistics. >>> Read more >>>

The Joys of Finding Yourselves Again

A woman who took one of my couples courses wrote to me to give me an update on how well she and her husband are doing.  Since I often have requests from readers at the site to hear about the positive changes couples can make, I thought I would share some of her words.  Of particular interest to you all, I think, will be what she writes about her children - if there were ever a reason to be inspired to take chances on change, this is it! >>> Read more >>>