ADD Testing

So my husband was diagnosed with add as a child and was on Ritalin for a hot minute before he refused to take it. He has been living untreated for nearly 26 years now and living in denial. I have been reading Gina Pera's Is it You Me or Adult Add? And feel as if she wrote the book about us if no one else. Well he finally agreed to get tested yesterday since he wouldn't go get the dx from his old dr and I thought it was a glimmer of hope for us that he was following through. I was under the naive impression I would be part of the interview and involved in the conversation of how it works, what to expect and coping strategies etc. I went as my husband asked and was left to sit in the waiting room for 3 hours only to fill out a two page questionaire, on top of that the therapist doing the testing had an attitude with me. Come to find out he spent 2 whole hours with her blaming me for everything (hence her lovely callousness towards me) and HE came out of the thing entirely hostile towards me(!!!!) I am absolutely stunned. SHE told him she thinks he simply has anxiety and he says he has peace about this but he didn't have peace about having add, "how could I have been in college this past year with a 4.0 gpa?" uh HELLO hyperfocus! The same damn way you hyperfocused on me before we were married! I honestly don't see anxiety fitting the hell I have been living in since we tied the knot but add fits perfectly. NOW I feel like I have to walk on eggshells even more as to not upset him/set off his anxiety! What the hell happened?!? I feel like a prisoner now even more so and it was bad enough before feeling as if I was tricked into this marriage! I promise I am not going to hurt myself in any way but now I can understand why people do attempt suicide to find relief from a situation they feel no way out of completely hopeless! And on top of all this he is mad I wouldn't have sex with him this morning I mean are you kidding me??!?!??!! Even my therapist is worried about me and that scares me, I was never like this before...I can't stop crying and I just want to sleep all the time while HE has been dealing with these issues of his all his life but this is all somehow MY fault?!?!? I have been contemplating how I can get away, quit my job and hop on the next flight out of here and never look back...who does that after 6 months of marriage?!?