Amazing website that I am glued to..... It is helping me to detach from my expectations, and just let him be. I love who I am and have wasted a lot of time trying to make him a version of me. I can't. I continue to grow, progress and make more friends and do things that I love. I will continue to be a good wife, compassionate but I will now put my self first and not feel guilt about it. I need to break the co-dependancy and stop basing my level of happiness on him being the husband I want him to be. If he doesn't touch me, sleep with me, text me back, if he throw a fit, if he loses his job again, I need to let him be. What is the use of forcing someone into someone they are not? It won't stick anyway and they will push you further away. Each person deals with their decisions when they look into the mirror. He hasn't changed, refuses help, can't take counsel, so now I am letting more expectations. I just want to live my life and be the happy person I know that I am. I am tired of always complaining and venting since it gets me nowhere but resentful and feeling lonely and horrible. That is not me and not my problem. Here's to happiness.