Boundaries vs Parenting


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parenting vs. boundaries

why don't you write about a specific situation that concerns you or a question you have, and then people can respond specifically to that...

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Not sure I understand your question

Are you saying you want to listen to a discussion on how to tell the difference between when you are "parenting" your spouse, and how to set those boundaries, or are you saying you want to hear more about parenting your kids with an ADHD spouse? (Because I have experience in all the above, lol)

would like to hear both

I would like to hear about both, currently I am in a long term marriage (15+ years) that involves unknowingly finding myself in a position of "parenting" my spouse and the boundaries or lack thereof set for our daughter by my suspected ADHD spouse. New to this forum and trying to determine how bad it will get and the exposure that we as a family will have and potential fallout from a divorce upon all involved. Any info would be helpful.