Upcoming Seminars and Events

The ADHD Effect In-Depth - Start Turning Around Your Relationship

Live and recorded version of this superb 8-week seminar are available.  The next live (by phone) session will begin October, 2016Details about the seminar at this link.  If you wish to be reminded about a seminar closer to the start dates, please send me a note using this contact form.

London, UK - workshops and lectures

Melissa will be speakkng in the London area (Kingston on Thames) on October 27th about adult ADHD and also family ADHD.  Tie is 6:30-9pm...This is sponsored by ADDISS.  Location and information at this link.

Costa Mesa, CA - CHADD International Conference

Melissa will be a breakout speaker at the CHADD International Conference November 12, 10:30-noon for 2 sessions: Therapeutic Strategies for Improving Intimacy of All Types in ADHD-Impacted Relationships and Bridging the Communication Gap Between ADHD and Non-ADHD Partners. Register here


Dr. Edward Hallowell - Speaking Events

For information about Dr. Hallowell's seminars and events, go to drhallowell.com