Session 3 + Q&A #2


This is a reminder that Session 3 materials are available to view in the seminar classroom! 

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Access the seminar classroom by viewing your account "dashboard" and clicking on the seminar under "my courses."


Session 3 Materials:

- Materials: The materials are in the folder titled "Session 3: Anger continued; Getting out of parent/child dynamics; The healing process; Setting boundaries."

- Live Lesson: This week's Zoom link for the live lesson and Q&A on Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022 at 7:30 PM Eastern Time can be found in the folder titled "All live lesson Zoom links."

- Recordings: After Wednesday's live lesson, the video recording of the live lesson will be posted for you to access in the seminar classroom - in the same Session 3 folder - within 24 hours.


Session 3 Q&A Submission Form (Written Q&A #2):

- The submission form for the Session 3 written Q&A (Q&A #2) will be available on Thursday, 9/29 in the folder titled "Session 3 written Q&A submissions."

- The questions submission form will remain open for two weeks – until Wednesday, 10/12 at 9am ET.


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Thank you, I look forward to meeting with you on Wednesday!

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Melissa Orlov