Individual and Couple Support Groups

Looking for a convenient support group?  We currently offer the following support groups, by phone, to couples impacted by adult ADHD:

Couples Support Tele – Groups

This group, hosted by Melissa Orlov, brings 5 (min) - 7 (max) couples together by phone once a week to discuss a specific issue relevant for couples impacted by ADHD.  Group members share their experiences, perspectives and questions, learn from others in the group, and discuss positive and effective ways to address the issues brought forward. 

The group meets on Fridays, at noon eastern time via conference call.  The next couples support and coaching group series is 7 sessions long, starting March 24, and running until May 19, with no session on 4/28.  To register for the group, go to this support group page. 

Contact Melissa with questions or if you wish to be notified of future groups.

ADHD Partner Support and Coaching Tele - Groups

Run by Jill Corvelli once a week for 75 minutes.  This group is great for those wanting ongoing coaching and community for managing ADHD. This group will meet for 4 weeks, 75 minutes each. The structure will include a balance of learning tools, establishing goals and checking in to hear success stories and share discoveries. Dial in access from anywhere makes it easy to attend. Thursdays, 9AM Pacific/10AM Mountain/11AM Central/12PM Eastern.  

Groups are $140, register your interest at this link and when Jill gets a group of 5 or more she will announce the next dates.  If you have questions, please contact Jill through her website. 

Non-ADHD Partner Support and Coaching Tele - Groups

Run by Jill Corvelli once a week for 75 minutes.  Limited to 12 people.  Struggles with ADHD often does not happen in isolation- many non-ADHD partners of those effected by ADHD are also impacted. This group is aimed at delivering coaching and community for such partners and family members.  Coaching groups will be structured to increase awareness about ADHD-related and empower non-ADHD partners to take charge of their own wellness.  Coaching group runs for 4 weeks, 75 minute sessions. Dial in access from anywhere makes them easy to attend. Fridays, 9AM Pacific/10AM Mountain/11AM Central/12PM Eastern.  

Groups are $140, next group runs May 5, 12, 19, 26.  TO REGISTER, FOLLOW THIS LINK TO JILL'S WEBSITE.

"I love the group for non-ADHD partners with Jill.  It is so helpful and so comforting to be interacting and listening to others who are and have lived through similar experiences.  I don't feel so alone anymore..."


Contact Melissa Orlov.