Managing Emotions and Triggers In Adults

Got triggers?!  If you’re like me (and most I know), the answer is YES!

It can be really destabilizing to have high emotions in your relationship.  The challenges are these:  how do you calm emotions that get quickly out of control?  How do you keep a partner engaged when triggers lead to avoidance and escape?  These outsized emotions are based in your life experiences:

  • Triggers formed by years of interacting around the same issues
  • ADHD physiology – emotional dysregulation is a core part of ADHD
  • Stress
  • Shame and fear
  • Chronic resentment, and more

Both partners can feel these emotions and triggers…but your life doesn’t need to be held hostage by them.

If you’re one of the many struggling with the impact of emotions and triggers in your relationship, I encourage you to consider taking a new, small group coaching course designed to help you calm your lives together.  

The course is 4 weeks of virtual larger group training, followed by 4 weeks of virtual small group work. You will learn to identify key triggers plus specific strategies to tame the emotions involved.  Best of all, in a small group you’ll be able to explore your own relationship’s issues, and try out what works for you while also learning from what doesn’t.

Learn to calm high emotions, diminish avoidance behaviors and restore calm between you from home in this hands-on, small group course!

The basics

  • Larger group training and small group training & coaching with emotions management expert Diane Dempster
  • Meets once a week for 8 weeks via Zoom
  • First 4 weeks are in a larger group format, followed by 4 weeks of small group work
  • Every Thursday - the next sessions will be given in Q2 of 2022, with registration opening in late January
  • 1:30pm EST
  • Each session is one hour

What you'll learn

In Managing Emotions and Triggers, you’ll: 

  • Identify your (or your spouse’s) key triggers
  • Practice using tools to foster calm
  • Receive coaching around obstacles to growth and change
  • Reduce meltdowns and yelling
  • Improve the tone of the home
  • Stop walking on eggshells
  • Improve relationships
  • Reduce stress for you and the family

More information

The first sessions kick off with training to explain the “Biology of a Trigger,” the fundamentals of trigger-management, and key techniques for dealing with the emotional intensity that’s common, particularly in couples where one (or both) partners has ADHD. The bulk of the course focus on small group coaching to implement and practice emotion-management strategies so that you begin to integrate them into your life. 

Instructor information is on our About page.


$575 one-time payment, or $294 per month for 2 months for either an individual or a couple. With monthly payments, you pay for the first month upon registration and will be billed for the remainder a month later.  NOTE:  Registration is for the entire offering.  This is not a month-to-month program, but rather a payment plan.

MINIMUM Number: 10 
MAXIMUM Number: 30

Registration will open in late January, 2022 for the next sessions.