Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship

Intimacy and good communication are closely linked.  This seminar helps you learn how to communicate without aggression or defensiveness so you can become closer and feel more affection.


This 7-session self-study seminar is based on the idea that couples who can productively talk about difficult or emotional topics will end up becoming more intimate.   Using a three-part approach to developing this closeness (or 'intimacy'), this self-study course provides tools that work and weekly exercises for productive practice..  It's designed to provide you with practical and immediately useful information on topics such as:

  • Finding intimacy in ALL areas of your relationship

  • How to identify your intimacy strengths and weaknesses

  • How adult ADHD may impact closeness and affection

  • Conversational techniques to get you started on the path to greater intimacy

  • The ways to becoming best friends again

  • Putting desire and joy back into sex (!)

  • …and much more

Regain your closeness… recover your partnership dreams…become friends again…and yes, improve your sex life!

Though it is not required, if you are a couple impacted by ADHD I strongly recommend you register for The ADHD Effect In-Depth, before you purchase this seminar.  This will calm your relationship and prepare you for Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship.


Session 1:  Understanding Intimacy and Self Intimacy.  An introduction to thinking about intimacy in a new, and more productive way; How you and your partner can more effectively identify and express your emotions; the first tools for making changes in your relationship, and more.

Session 2: Preparing for Successful Conflict Intimacy.  Why certain types of conflict interactions hurt, while others build intimacy; Identifying and getting rid of conflict style habits that get you in trouble; Exercises to help you and your partner identify your own conversational conflict styles and identify the changes you need to make, and more.

Session 3:  Conflict Intimacy In-Depth.  What is conflict intimacy?  Power and control issues that interfere with conflict intimacy;  Specific skill building for smoothing out the conflict interactions in your relationship; Defining your conversational intimacy process; exercises to develop conflict intimacy skills.

Session 4:  Improving Your Conversations - Right Now.  The qualities and habits of good conversations - and the information you need to start using them; How relationship scripts and filters get in your way; Could you benefit from a 'relationship reset?'; exercises to start introducing more affection, and more

Session 5:  Affection Intimacy - Getting Going.  All you need to know about affection intimacy, finding joy in your relationship and becoming best friends again.

Session 6:  Sex and Desire.  All about affection intimacy in the sexual realm to get your sex life going again and make it more fun!

Session 7:  And Again...Bringing it all together with a course review.

(for a more detailed syllabus, go to this link)


This course was developed and recorded by Melissa Orlov.  Melissa has been teaching seminars to couples impacted by ADHD since 2010.  She is the author of two award-winning books on the topic of ADHD and relationships, and is dedicated to helping couples impacted by ADHD learn how to thrive.  She is a popular instructor, giving talks and seminars for couples and therapists around the world.

Who Should Take This Course?

Both partners should participate, as it is hard to change a relationship alone.  We recommend that struggling couples who have not done so take The ADHD Effect In-Depth Couples Tele-Seminar first in order to calm your relationship.

Pricing and Purchase

$189 for the course includes:

  • 7 recorded sessions of about an hour each
  • worksheets and homework designed to improve your connection and skills
  • the opportunity to feel more intimately connected to your partner


Purchase Recovering Intimacy Self Study Course

There is no refund offered for self-study courses.

Need More Info?

If you have questions about the course, please contact Melissa here.



"We very much appreciate your particular approach in the narration…your sense of humor and down-to-earth sensibility. For too long we were mired in what felt like mud…slogging through a thick murky place of resentment, dislike, sourness. A perfect word sourness. No laughter or lightness. We are now coming out the other side and it’s surprising that such a place can be temporary (and overcome) depending on the commitment of both parties...we are beginning to incorporate more joy and fun into our life together... At this point we don’t know how much intimacy can be regained but we are trying and life together is much smoother."


And a few comments about the impact of Melissa’s other live-by-phone seminar, The ADHD Effect In-Depth

"Thank you for creating such useful resources…After 16 years of beating our heads against the wall (my non-adhd wife mostly) our relationship is turning around for the better. We started reading and listening and it was like you were a fly on the wall of our entire marriage. I always wondered why we were so different from all our married friends with the issues we dealt with.  I could write a novel about how you've helped me personally as the ADHD spouse. Thank you SO much. I only wish we found you 16 years ago!"

"We took your class and I could write you a “chapter” on how much you helped me."

"Just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for the work you do and the way you share it with folks like my husband and me.  Our marriage has opened up and we are finally moving closer..."

"We cannot thank you enough for your course. It has given us a new start and we are so truly appreciative. You are a remarkable speaker and we just wanted to thank you."

"We are making breakthroughs in ways as never before.  Married 35 years, this is a dream come true for me as the non-ADHD spouse. We have spent thousands of dollars on couples and individual work and nothing compares to this seminar..."

"My husband of 2 ½ years and I just finished the couples phone session course and we loved it. We are taking it slow and listening to the lectures a few times. Thank you so much!"

For more testimonials about Melissa’s instruction, please go to this ADHD Effect In-Depth phone seminar page.