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Adults with ADHD often suffer from co-existing conditions that can make their lives – and the lives of their partners – even more complicated.  Here is a list of seven of the most common conditions that ride along with ADHD and information about why it's important to understand if you have any of them.  The numbers included here are taken from multiple research studies:

Traversing the territory of helping a partner with ADHD find the best treatment for ADHD can be like walking across a minefield.  There is a great deal of danger, and you’re never quite sure where it will come from.  Here are some tips that can help make the process easier:

"Of all the activities on the internet, porn has the most potential to become addictive," reports Gary Wilson, quoting a Dutch Study on the topic.  And, do you know why it's so hard to do research on internet porn use?  Because it's use is so common they can't find adult males who haven't been exposed to internet porn!  But the downside potential of addiction is very real, and it (like so many other things) has to do with brain chemistry and (you guessed it) dopamine and the brain's reward system  Wilson does a good job of providing the details in this TedX Talk.  My thanks to Nancie Kohlenberger for sending it to my attention.

If you want more on porn, go to this very popular post - 9 Reasons Why Porn Hurts.

“It is not me nor my spouse that is broken.  It is the relationship that is broken.”  These wise words were posted in the forum not too long ago.  A breath of fresh air and some great perspective – so much clearer than blaming your partner!

Chances are, you’ve heard that tone of voice.  The one that sounds demeaning to you…aggressive…just short of an insult and a put down…the tone that puts your teeth on edge.

Chances are also good that you’ve not only heard it, but used it yourself…and your partner hates it.


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