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Overcoming Denial to Heal ADHD Impacted Relationships

The video of Melissa with coach Jeff Copper is all about why getting past denial is so important when it comes to healing ADHD-impacted relationships.

When an ADHD Diagnosis is an Assault on Self

Dr. Ned Hallowell argues that the current medical model of diagnosing and treating ADHD is destructive and needs to be replaced.  I agree. >>> Read more >>>

What's the Difference Between Reminding and Nagging?

When is it nagging and when is it reminding?  For non-ADHD partners, it can be hard to figure out whether - or how - to remind a partner of something that needs to get done.  Here are some ideas about where to draw the line. >>> Read more >>>

ADHD Effect Online Treatment Guide Now Up

We're celebrating! We've just added a free online treatment guide to this site in order to to include the best resources for treating adult ADHD in relationships in one location.  Included in this treatment guide is a free download of the treatment chapter of my new book, The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD.  It's hard to sort through all the information out there.  This guide is an effort to do the sorting for you with our "experts" caps on. >>> Read more >>>

The Low Down on ADHD Medication Effectiveness

On average, some treatments are more effective than others.  This post provides specific details. >>> Read more >>>

Urgent Feelings Expressed the Wrong Way Just Make Things Worse - A Common Problem

All of us have bad days sometimes…even bad months or longer.  I’m having one right now that has to do with my negative feelings about the impact of my husband’s job in our lives.  The problem is, my responses are making things worse.  As always, you can learn from my mistakes - in this case about how NOT to approach your partner. >>> Read more >>>

A Quick Guide to Taming ADHD Clutter at Home

Coming home to an ADHD partner's mess can raise the stress levels at home, encourage long-term resentment, and ruin your sex life.  Here's how to clear up the clutter fast. >>> Read more >>>