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You've heard of Ted Talks...this month ADDA is releasing one TADD Talk a day.  These 9 minute recordings (for those with shorter attention spans!) are a terrific way to learn what's what from the top experts in ADHD.  Find out about the latest in treatment, co-existing conditions, and how to manage life with ADHD.  These TADD Talks can be found at this ADDA web page.  And, yes, my TADD Talk contribution will be released on 10/19.

Exercise has been proven to be great treatment for ADHD as well as for depression.  Recent research adds information about why and how.

Sometimes you can lose yourself in a struggling relationship.  It can be helpful to stop thinking about your relationship and take a moment to reconnect with what you love about yourself.

It’s the catch-22 of ADHD-impacted relationships (and many non-ADHD marriages, as well!)  For many couples impacted by ADHD, distraction, disengagement and retreat from conflict leave non-ADHD partners feeling ‘stranded’ and lonely.  Their natural response is to pursue their partner for attention…and disaster results.  What do you do?

Coach Jeff Copper explains why both observation and experimentation are critical to finding strategies that work for you.


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