Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD

I am continually impressed with the enormous amount of support that is so generously shared on this website.  The amount of care and concern that posters have for each other is just tremendous.  And it’s great to see that it comes from both the ADHD/non-ADHD sides of the story.  Each in her/his way, sharing perspectives that are so valuable to be heard.

As a therapist, I’ve always known that mixing mood stabilizing drugs with booze is not a good thing.  I’ve now done some research that shows that this is also true of the pairing of ADHD medication with drinking.  Pairing Adderall with alcohol can be downright life-threatening.

The Dangers

I appreciate Melissa’s introduction of me, the co-author of her latest book, The Couple’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD.  I will be guest-blogging here for a bit, and it is my honor to do so.  I look forward to sharing some thoughts with you, and I hope you will share your thoughts with me as well.

You suspect your partner might have ADHD but are unsure how to bring up the topic.  What do you do?

ADHD in adults can be a sensitive topic.  Some feel that ADHD "is not real" or "just for kids" while others, sensitized after years of comments that they should 'just try harder' might take the suggestion that they might have ADHD as a direct criticism.  And some adults embroiled in the struggles of 'the ADHD Effect' might worry that considering the possibility that they might have ADHD would be tantamount to admitting they are to blame for your marital struggles.

Dr. Ned Hallowell argues that the current medical model of diagnosing and treating ADHD is destructive and needs to be replaced.  I agree.


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