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Melissa's Favorite Posts

ADHD Effect Online Treatment Guide Now Up

We're celebrating! We've just added a free online treatment guide to this site in order to to include the best resources for treating adult ADHD in relationships in one location.  Included in this treatment guide is a free download of the treatment chapter of my new book, The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD.  It's hard to sort through all the information out there.  This guide is an effort to do the sorting for you with our "experts" caps on. >>> Read more >>>

A Quick Guide to Taming ADHD Clutter at Home

Coming home to an ADHD partner's mess can raise the stress levels at home, encourage long-term resentment, and ruin your sex life.  Here's how to clear up the clutter fast. >>> Read more >>>

Feeling Down? Get Happy with this Video

A long time friend just sent me this Pharrell Williams Happy video to cheer me up.  Loved it!  Why not take a few minutes to bring a smile to your face (and bop around the room a bit)?

How Do I Get My Husband To Give Us Another Chance?

A woman wrote me recently explaining that her ADHD husband had announced that he didn't love her, and possibly never had.  She is in the middle of a much-needed reset of her own non-ADHD behaviors - anger, belittling and the like, saying that reading my book made her reassess her own behaviors and that she was actively trying to improve herself with therapy and other hard work.  They have children, and she asks the very important question of "how do I get him to give us another chance?" >>> Read more >>>

ADHD Marriage Turn Around - From Ready to Separate to Happier than Ever

Want to know what success looks like when you've pretty much lost hope and then turn things around?  Here is a letter that came in to me this week that describes it so well that I thought I would share it.  Of particular interest, I think, is the connection between the two partners as they progress - they create an upward spiral of positively reinforcing behavior that really helps them succeed. >>> Read more >>>

When Both Spouses Have ADHD

What’s it like when both partners have ADHD in a relationship?  Is it different from when only one has ADHD?  Are there other resources we need to know about?  Are there different challenges?  These are questions I get regularly and would like to answer here. >>> Read more >>>

Undiagnosed ADHD Can Make You Angry!

(by Zoe Kessler - see bio at end.  This post is a "must read" for anyone dealing with an angry ADHD spouse!)  I was diagnosed with ADHD at 46. After my diagnosis, I had a long talk with my sister (who does not have ADHD). One of the most startling things she told me was when we were kids, we’d be happily playing, when – POW! –I’d have an angry outburst. She said this scared her.

All these years later, her childhood memories made me cry. I was filled with shame and remorse. I’d had no idea how my moods had affected her.

When we were kids, I also had no idea what ADHD was, or why I couldn’t control my impulsive anger.

Today, I understand that like other ADHD symptoms, effort and willpower are no match for undiagnosed ADHD. >>> Read more >>>