Couples' Seminar with Melissa Orlov - The ADHD Effect In-Depth


"This course gave my husband and me the breakthrough we so desperately needed."

"Thank you again for such a life-changing seminar. It was the best and most effective money and time we ever spent."

“Couples struggling with ADHD will greatly benefit from taking this course. ...What could be better than sitting in the comfort of your own home and discovering a way to shift the destructive patterns that have consumed the marriage that you once dreamed of?"

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The ADHD Effect In-Depth with Melissa Orlov - Live and Recorded

Turn around your relationship and learn to thrive!  This eight-session seminar will help you take the ideas from The ADHD Effect on Marriage and apply them to your own relationship.  Learn:

  • How to trust again
  • The steps you need to take to let go of your anger and frustration
  • How to move from “correcting our problems” to “enjoying each other”
  • Why there is hope for you and your partner...and how to tap into it
  • How to deal with a partner who is not yet in control of his or her anger
  • Ways other couples have used that encourage ADHD partners to embrace ADHD treatment

This course is currently given in two formats: Recorded and live.  The recorded self-study course is for couples who wish to start when a live course is not offered, or who wish to do the course on their own timetable.  The live course is the right option for those who need the discipline of weekly sessions to keep them on track and who wish to be able to ask and hear questions live each week as they progress (this can be quite eye opening!)

The live course is given by live conference call, so you may access it from anywhere.  Every session is recorded, so if you miss any you can simply listen to the recording.

Course Agenda:

Next live sessions are below.  Live classes consist of a lecture of one hour plus a live half hour of Q&A.  Start time is 8:30pm eastern time for all sessions.  There is also a recorded version for those who need the course sooner that includes the lectures, worksheets, etc but not the weekly live Q&A, nor the extra bonus session.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - Session 1:  Overview; Differences Between You; Diagnosis/Treatment; Important Medication Information  FOR THOSE WHO HAVE A CONFLICT WITH PASSOVER - ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED SO YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO THIS SESSION ON A DIFFERENT DATE.
Tuesday, April 22 - Session 2:  Critical Patterns In-depth; Defensiveness, Anger Intro
Tuesday, April 29 - Session 3:  Parent/Child Dynamics; Power Balance Issues; Setting Boundaries
THURSDAY, May 8 - Session 4:  Communications Strategies; How to Have "Good Fights"; Validation
Tuesday, May 13 - Session 5:  Finish Communication Techniques and How to Implement Them; Chores and Organization
Tuesday, May 20 - Session 6:  Dealing with Difficult Behaviors - Lying; Porn; Affairs; Nagging and Verbal Abuse; Finding the Best You
THURSDAY, May 29 - Session 7:  Science of Trust and Rebuilding Trust; Building Intimacy

Tuesday, June 3 - Session 8:  Appreciating ADHD; Continuing Progress Post - Class

Why This Course?

  • It has already helped many couples turn their disintegrating relationships around
  • Completely different from any therapy or courses you may have tried before - based upon what works!
  • Melissa Orlov provides understanding as well as concrete ideas to help you move your relationship forward
  • Call-in and recorded formats are really convenient for you both

How the Live Course Works

The live course is given by conference call.  Each week Melissa sends you the materials you need.  Just call in at the 8:30pm time.  Melissa gives a lecture, then answers live questions, as well as written questions between sessions.  Each session is recorded, so if you miss one or live overseas you can easily stay caught up.


There is an instruction fee for the recorded SELF-STUDY course of $249 total per couple for seven sessions.  This includes seven lectures, notes pages that accompany each lecture, worksheets, reading assignments, and homework.  It also includes written Q&A materials from previous live courses, and one bonus recording of a live Q&A. 

The fee for the LIVE course is $289 per couple and includes all the above plus an eighth session and access to Melissa live each week for insightful written and verbal responses to YOUR questions during the course.  Fees do not include phone charges if you incur them. Registered couples will have the ability to call together from one location or from two separate locations.  Every live session is recorded in case you miss one, or to keep for later review.

Registration Process:

  1. Go to the registration button and pay via PayPal or credit card.
  2. If you purchase the RECORDED version of the course, you will immediately be sent an email with the link to all the course materials.  Please check your spam folder if you don't get this right away.
  3. If you purchase the LIVE course, we will send you a confirmation with more information via THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USED WITH PAYPAL within 48 hours. 
  4. This course is not meant to replace therapy or the advice of your doctor.  Melissa Orlov is marriage consultant, not a doctor.  Please see your doctor for any questions about medications or treatment.

Self-study course ONLY:

Purchase Couples Self Study Course


LIVE course:

Purchase Live Couples Course Jan 2013

Refund policy:  Refunds are not offered for the self-study course.  Refunds for the live course will be offered up until 24 hours before the first session.

Couples Talk About How This Course Helped Them

"I'm finding the sessions are saving my marriage and want to thank you."

“This course has been great. Better than any therapy session we've had. It was filled with practical information and the approach was right on. My husband and I are moving forward. I also loved being able to do the course from the privacy of my own home...NO babysitters needed and pjs too!”

“I would recommend this course to any couple who is struggling with ADHD.... Reading the book and attending the seminars has helped my spouse and I more than any other type of therapy.... I can say now that my marriage is on solid ground, the best ever, and it is due to our hard work and the help of this book/seminar.”

"You give us hope we can get this right someday!"

"Just want to say thanks…you have heard this before I’m sure. We learned more from you in 1 session than all the others in ongoing [$$$] therapy.  You have crossed our paths at a very necessary time in our lives."

"Your class had life-changing effects on our marriage.  Thank you!"

“This course offers precise, compassionate tools to create a marriage that is based on mutual trust and respect... Melissa speaks from her own experience and I am most grateful that she has taken the time to share this experience with us. I can honestly say that she has saved our marriage.”

"Just a note to say we're still thriving several months after your class!  :-)"

"It is remarkable that (after your seminar) our marriage situation changed from 'the worst' to 'the best' in only 8 months! We will continue our effort to improve, but I can say confidently that our marriage is “happily staying”...Oh, before I forget. Last, but not a least, yes, our sex life that was equivalent to something like a 80 year old couple got better as well (^0^).  Thank you..."

"I've really "taken the bull by the horns" to try to beat this ADHD thing and know I can only work on myself.  Thank you for empowering me when I hadn't felt empowered for a very long time!" (ADHD participant)

"Your class is a big help and I'm so grateful I stumbled upon you and your book. What you do matters to so many people. Thanks for the impact you've had on my marriage. You're ability to make both spouses comfortable is a gift."

“The course made me feel lucky that we were taking action before our marriage further deteriorated. It was very helpful to break through to core issues and get both of us to understand that we both had valid reasons to change. The course was a lot to take in but organized well. I think we are left with many tools and tricks that we will use and revisit.”

"What I'm most excited about is that I have my best friend back again!  Thank you!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have taught me about how to be a good spouse, ADHD or not.  My husband and I have worked hours on the homework, our communication skills, and for the first time in our married lives, I feel we are working as a couple.  Yesterday we celebrated 29 years since we fell in love, but now I feel that the love we have recommitted to since starting your course is true, mature, lasting, 'til death do us part kind of love; I feel empowered that we can make it through anything as a couple, whereas in the past, we made it through things as separate units.  And for this Valentine's Day my husband is actually taking me dancing - who knew?!"

"This course helped my husband and me tremendously. For the first time we didn't feel that either one of us was to blame. That allowed us to finally let go of some anger and start working on getting better. Without this first step I don't think improvement would be possible. 

We found out that there were so many couples that were just like us. I can't tell you how good it feels to know that we are just normal people having a normal reaction to a difficult situation.  We have made more progress in this 7 week seminar than we have in 2 years of couples therapy."

"I just wanted to share with you that my husband and I, who were separated, are starting to turn our marriage around...I definitely feel your book and workshop were a turning point.  We wouldn't be reconnecting without them..."

"We wanted to follow up with you and tell you we are doing amazingly well - we sold our house more quickly than expected and have moved. We put lots of your techniques from your online class and book to work successfully while cleaning and moving 24 years of stuff - a job which would be stressful under the best of circumstances. We continue to be excited about our "new and improved" relationship.  Thank you again.  I really feel as though you helped us save our marriage."

"As a couple, we highly recommend Melissa's course and book. Both are excellent in terms of creating a safe environment for a couple to begin to work on the issues that are eroding their marriage. The course and book are the only resources that we've found that place equal emphasis on both partner's roles -- turning the spotlight away from just your partner's problems to where it belongs -- working on one's own role in the partnership first, which strengthens you for the teamwork which is required to truly tackle the challenges ahead. My ADHD husband finally felt like his concerns in our marriage were addressed, and he could get beyond any denial. As a non-ADHD spouse, I knew Melissa had a first-hand understanding of my concerns, and she showed compassion. We both liked the fact that she wasn't going to let anyone shirk their responsibilities to the marriage -- but she gets you moving in a positive direction by suggesting constructive ways to begin excavating a relationship that may be buried deep -- by layers of damaging patterns of interactions and unproductive coping strategies."

"This course helped my husband and I tremendously. We were at the end point and looking for any last bit of hope/faith to figure out what was happening to us. Having the connection to a person (Melissa) who knows exactly what you are living through is extremely helpful. The biggest help was really understanding you are not alone and that it is not the NON-ADHD persons responsibility. If anything the ADHD person learns that it is OK to take responsibility for his/her ADHD and owns it. By the same token it is the responsibility of the NON-ADHD person to let go - free fall if you will - from trying to control everything to controlling your own self, behaviors, responses, etc. By the time you are reading this book and taking this course, you have come through a lot and are at a very volatile stage in your relationship. Melissa's discussions really help you understand that and realize that you do have a choice about many things in your relationship. It's whether you choose to make the changes or not that really will float you both to the top together and come out strong. I feel that my husband and I were able to do this. We are certainly not proficient yet, but we are now on the right path to continue our journey in life together. This book and Melissa's course have helped us in ways we could never have imagined BUT THANKFULLY FOUND IN TIME!!!"

"I felt this course was a guidepost each week. Sometimes I really feel lost in the dark with dealing with my spouse's untreated ADHD and this course was a way to navigate through some of the difficult-to-talk-about details."

"You have given us hope and a direction.  I am forever grateful to your wisdom, and ability to even handedly deliver your message.  My ADHD husband has felt like the bad guy for so long but you managed to get him to sit still and look at himself without judgment.  That’s pretty amazing!!!"

"As an ADHD spouse, reading a book alone may not be enough. This course was a good compliment to Melissa's message. If you are seeking out this type of information and question its real life application, this course really is the 1st step beyond the book to truly resolving these hard issues."