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Because some people have said they wish to burn the book to CDs (which only hold 72 minutes of content), we have split Chapter 3 into two sections to enable this.


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AudioBook Contents

Audio Chapter 1 - Introduction and Overview - The ADHD Effect:  equivalent to pp. viii-8 in the book

Audio Chapter 2 - ADHD and It's Diagnosis:  pp.9-29 in the book
What's behind your differences

Audio Chapter 3a - The Surprising Ways ADHD Symptoms Affect Your Marriage:  pp. 30-59
12 patterns you must know (patterns 1 - 6)

Audio Chapter 3b - The Surprising Ways ADHD Symptoms Affect Your Marriage (cont.): pp. 60-78
Patterns 7-12

Audio Chapter 4 - Rebuilding Your Relationship in Six Steps Overview and Step 1 - Cultivating Empathy:  pp. 79-117
Stories from real life and what they mean for you

Audio Chapter 5 - Step 2 - Addressing Obstacle Emotions:  pp. 118-144
Anger, fear, denial and hopelessness

Audio Chapter 6 - Step 3 - Getting Treatment for You Both:  pp. 145-164
What effective treatment looks like in a relationship

Audio Chapter 7 - Step 4 - Improving Communication:  pp. 165-186
Communication techniques that work when ADHD is present

Audio Chapter 8 - Step 5 - Setting Boundaries and Finding Your Own Voices:  pp. 187-198
Using your "best self" to reinvigorate your life

Audio Chapter 9 - Step 6 - Reigniting Romance and Having Some Fun and Epilogue: Don't Try Harder, Try Differently:  pp.  199-218
The science and the fun stuff

The music in the audio recording, Trio for Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon is used with permission of the composer, Damian Montano.  All rights reserved.  It is performed by Mark Klein (clarinet), Alex Orlov (bassoon), and Alana Rosen (oboe).

The ADHD Effect on Marriage:  Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps was copyrighted in 2010 by Melissa Orlov.  All rights reserved.

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