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Telling me to stop thinking out loud

Kind of a vent I guess. I think out loud. I say out loud what I think. the medication helps stop it a little but I can't stop. I need to think out loud. I need to hear what I am thinking to make it make sense. I don't realise I am doing it its just how I think. Its harder to think in my head. My boyfriend hates it he hears me talking in another room and comes in wanting to know if I am talking to him. He also says only crazy people talk to themselves. I think that's supposed to be a joke but it hurts. I am trying to think out loud more quietly but now he says that just bugs him more! URGH! THIS IS HOW I THINK! QUIT PICKING ON ME! Thanks


I think I must attract

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I think I must attract controlling men or something. Everyone wants to fix me and change me and tell me how to raise my kids. HELLO! Do you not see me on medication or going to the counselor or going to yoga and reading books on being a good mom and WORKING FULL TIME? Do you think I just sit around and eat bons bons???

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." ~ Hunter S. Thompson

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