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The ADHD Effect on Marriage Chinese Edition is Now Available

Great news! The ADHD Effect on Marriage has been released in Chinese (in addition to Dutch). We are delighted to offer this version for people who are more comfortable reading in Chinese. And we love the Asian adaptation of the book cover. To purchase this version, or for more information, please visit Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.


Does the book is available in

Does the book is available in Spanish? 

Book Not in Spanish

My book is not yet in Spanish...I'm sorry.

Please help!!!!

I'm requesting a copy of your book in Spanish!!! Is there anyway to get one ??? I will even pay all costs associated! I need it for my fiancé she understands very little about my severe ADHD condition and this book with my recently restarting of mess is helping me but she needs a copy in Spanish please??? Thank you ahead of time!!!

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