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ADHD, Personal Hygiene and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some are scared that they will be the victim of their ADHD partner’s poor hygiene habits or risky behavior. They are correct to be anxious, but there are ways to improve things.

Become an Influencer

Parent/child dynamics in ADHD relationships leave more organized partners in charge...but frustrated...that they still aren't getting what they want. 8 tips for getting more.

Why Won't My Husband Stop Flirting?

It's not an affair, it's 'just flirting,' but it can hurt nonetheless. ADHD symptoms can make the situation even more complicated. Here are 5 strategies that can help.

12 Ways to Safely Disagree

Do you and your partner fight a lot? Are you hiding your feelings because you fear your partner's response? It's time to practice skills that will keep your disagreements calm.

Does Stimulant Use Lead to Addictions?

Stimulant medications are controlled substances. Should adults with ADHD be worried? Here's what the research suggests about rates of addiction and stimulant medications.

The Worst Kind of Parenting

This could be one of the most common mistakes that partners make: taking on too much of their partner's responsibilities. It seems helpful but instead hurts you both.

Is an "ADHD-Blind" Relationship Desirable?

W. Kamau Bell got me thinking about race and creating a color-blind society. Turns out there are at least a few surprising parallels between race and how we think about ADHD.

The Dark Side of Optimism

We're used to thinking about optimism as something that is a positive force in one's life. But what if it's not?

Six Tips for Better Communication

'Good communication' is the holy grail of relationships, yet many struggling couples seek it in vain. It doesn't have to be that way.

What About Women with ADD?

A recent review of the research on ADHD in women can help women, and the partners who love them, live better with ADHD.