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The Tyranny of Getting Stuff Done

Personal perspective: Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about that long to-do list? It may be time to think more globally about your choices.

“Is This All There Is?”

The pressures of 2020 stripped couples' lives to the basics and impacted how they perceived their bonds, not always for the better. How do we survive those feelings?

Do ADHD Meds Help with Memory Problems?

ADHD pills don't teach skills. When it comes to improving memory, adults with ADHD need to use the full set of treatments available to them.

ADHD, Personal Hygiene and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some are scared that they will be the victim of their ADHD partner’s poor hygiene habits or risky behavior. They are correct to be anxious, but there are ways to improve things.

Become an Influencer

Parent/child dynamics in ADHD relationships leave more organized partners in charge...but frustrated...that they still aren't getting what they want. 8 tips for getting more.

Why Won't My Husband Stop Flirting?

It's not an affair, it's 'just flirting,' but it can hurt nonetheless. ADHD symptoms can make the situation even more complicated. Here are 5 strategies that can help.

12 Ways to Safely Disagree

Do you and your partner fight a lot? Are you hiding your feelings because you fear your partner's response? It's time to practice skills that will keep your disagreements calm.

Does Stimulant Use Lead to Addictions?

Stimulant medications are controlled substances. Should adults with ADHD be worried? Here's what the research suggests about rates of addiction and stimulant medications.