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Blogger Alice Sammon and her partner did an experiment to capture how effective some of my most popular communication methods might be for them.  She reports their experiences (and success, I'm happy to say!) with verbal cues, learning conversations, good apologies and conflict intimacy in this post.  She also adds some helpful tips about how they made sure both partners can use the strategies effectively.  Curious?  Go check out her post.

In this post, coaching expert Katherine Buoscio provides what to look for in an ADHD coach, and the questions to ask to ensure you find a coach who fits your specific needs.

ADHD comes with a large variety of co-existing conditions.  It can be confusing to figure out what is what.  Here is a resource that can help.➤ ADHD Couples Palooza Nov. 10-12, 2023!  - 

Changing the world for ADHD Couples. My interview Friday, November 10, 2023: "Will this relationship ever get better?" Be sure to register.


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Sleep and having ADHD often don't go hand in hand.  This is what the science suggests could improve the quality of your sleep, whether or not you have ADHD.  And that's important if you wish to perform at your best as well as manage your emotions.

...and, yes, there is definitely still hope for your relationship!

The question:

“Both my husband and I have ADHD, it is so hard to maintain the house and have fun together and deal with work. I end up being the one who does most of the planning, maintenance of the house and dog, and I also have a demanding job.  How do we work to have a more balanced life where I’m not so burnt out all the time and mentally fatigued?”