ADHD and Marriage Blog

Long hours may be part of the job description or may be part of ADHD.  Here’s what may be going on and top strategies to address specific issues.

For those of you who are having trouble getting your Adderall prescription filled, here are some ideas that may help.  Because I’m a relationship expert, and because medication changes can dramatically change how you interact with those around you, my first advice has to be about your most important relationships:

You’ve just discovered that your partner is having an emotional or physical affair.  This revelation has been a kick in the gut – the emotional pain is intense and confusing.  You feel angry, volatile, are in intense pain, and perhaps feel panicked and fearful. Your partner’s response to these feelings seems inadequate, at best.  How do you traverse this new territory?

I'm often asked what technology can help with some of the basic elements of better managing life when ADHD is a factor.  Here are some high quality, easy, and often free apps and other technologies that couples report have helped their progress towards a calmer and happier life together.

Many adults with ADHD have tendencies towards hoarding behaviors and have trouble both keeping things cleaned up and tossing them out.  It can drive their partner's crazy and cause a lot of conflict.  What's going on, and what can you do?

Adult ADHD – and responses to that ADHD – can have a huge impact on your most important partnership.  Learning more can help you transform your relationship into something that brings you both more joy.

Suggesting to your partner that he or she might have ADHD can be really tricky, particularly if your partner is volatile or experiences a great deal of shame.  What to do?