26 year old husband in denial of his ADHD diagnosis

Hi my names Ashley and I'm 26 me and my husband who is also 26  have a nine month old daughter.  He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was younger maybe 14ish. He says his school diagnosed him and that everyone there was diagnosed he takes no medicine.  We've been married for almost three years and we fight in cycles. We will be great for a feW months and then have a horrible fight.  I have no idea how to make things better for us and I'm tired of the emotional abuse.  Last we are in a current fight that happened last night.

Heres how it started;

Back history; My husband doesn't like my family.  Says there all pos.  


So last night we pulled into the driveway and I brought up my feeling of being upset with my family and wanted him to listen.  He then was looking at a comment my sister made on Facebook that had nothing to do with us.  I simply said lets not sit here and dog on my sister. Because i felt with everything that's gone on I didnt have the patience for it that night.  That comment was directed at both of us just saying I don't want to talk about it anymore really cause it hurts to think about it.  He then got pissed of at me and said I didnt dog her I said I know I'm just saying lets not dwell on it and get upset he then got more pissed and said well why would you say that if I havenet done anything so seeing his anger I then said look I didn't say you did I was just simply suing lets not talk about it anymore even though I mentioned it originally.  So I said can we please have a good night and not fight?  He said no so we went downstairs and when we got Down there he said how many times do I h e to ask that you not say something until I do it?  Which confused me because that's never been an issue and i said I didn't say you said it and he then screamed loud and said don't be a super fucking mega bitch at that point I started crying immediately and me and my nine month old went upstairs and stayed in the master.  A few minutes later he comes barreling through the door to try and rip my daughter out of my arms and I said no way I won't put up with that kind of cussing and anger and your not taking our daughter anywhere so I got up walked around the bed and sat back down I think it pissed him off more that I wasn't reacting to his actions so he ended up kicking our bedroom door twice and when he did  he kicked the door and went down the hall screaming your a fucking whore you fucking whore and so with that I said I was leaving and me and baby went to get in my car and he sat on the bumper and wouldnt let me leave he said he was looking  for sheriffs number and I said ok call them  My husband threatens me a lot and uses my fear against me. He's very emotionally abusive. Any thougs?  Or similar exp? I can't imagine this being the rest of my life being married to him so I really need advice because I do love him and wnt to work things out.  I've left it today  telling him I want an apology and will not tolerate it and he says he will just sleep in the couch so I feel like he will let it go to divorce before he bet apologizes?  Any advice. Thanks all