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Couples impacted by ADHD often must deal with the question of emotional affairs. This post will help you explore emotional affairs for couples impacted by ADHD, including providing hard data about the incidence of emotional affairs for adult couples impacted by ADHD.  The best way to start the conversation is to ‘hone in on it’ by looking at ‘definitely’ and ‘definitely not’ scenarios.

"Of all the activities on the internet, porn has the most potential to become addictive," reports Gary Wilson, quoting a Dutch Study on the topic.  And, do you know why it's so hard to do research on internet porn use?  Because it's use is so common they can't find adult males who haven't been exposed to internet porn!  But the downside potential of addiction is very real, and it (like so many other things) has to do with brain chemistry and (you guessed it) dopamine and the brain's reward system  Wilson does a good job of providing the details in this TedX Talk.  My thanks to Nancie Kohlenberger for sending it to my attention.

If you want more on porn, go to this very popular post - 9 Reasons Why Porn Hurts.

What happens when you are your partner reach an impasse about how to move forward in your relationship?  I got email today from a woman who wrote about how she and her husband are ‘stuck.’  She wants to work on repair, while he expects her to ‘act like nothing has happened in the last five years and move on’…including have sex together.

Adult ADHD can add a good deal of complexity to your interactions.  Often there is strife, anger and poor behavior all the way around.  Learning the art of forgiveness can really help you move in a positive direction, but to wield this powerful tool you need to bust some common myths about forgiveness, and understand what a path to forgiveness looks like.

We're celebrating! We've just added a free online treatment guide to this site in order to to include the best resources for treating adult ADHD in relationships in one location.  Included in this treatment guide is a free download of the treatment chapter of my new book, The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD.  It's hard to sort through all the information out there.  This guide is an effort to do the sorting for you with our "experts" caps on.


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