Sex and Intimacy

Fast Facts

  • Experts disagree on whether or not relationships recover from affairs.  Some suggest about 35% survive, while others put the rate at closer to 75%...
  • About 80% of women experience some sort of sexual dysfunction (ex: vaginal dryness or lack of libido) after menopause.


The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD includes an overview of common intimacy and sexual issues faced by couples impacted by ADHD.

Sex Addictions, Pornography, Affairs

A short article on how ADHD meds might impact sex for some, in Women's Health.

A terrific book for spouses of sex addicts:  Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal.  This book is also relevant for those recovering from a partner's affair.

My post on why pornography can hurt a relationship has spurred a lot of discussion...

U.S. News and World Report has an online overview of infidelity that is one of the better I've seen.

This site says it has fact-checked its statistics about infidelity and provides higher numbers than the US News article.  As you can imagine, infidelity and sex-life statistics vary widely and are really hard to pin down...

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Improving Your Sex Life

By far one of the best books on sex and desire - Come as You Are is for women.  Read it!!

Even if you are having sex, if one of you consistently feels you are not sexually active enough as a couple, The Sex-Starved Marriage provides specific ideas. is an approachable, women-friendly site for products to enhance your sex life, plus information.

We-Vibe makes and excellent vibrator that it is for both a man and a woman at the same time.

The Sinclair Institute has a sexual education blog that provides specific information, as well as a huge supply of videos and products on/for sex.

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