Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD

In this post, coaching expert Katherine Buoscio provides what to look for in an ADHD coach, and the questions to ask to ensure you find a coach who fits your specific needs.

ADHD comes with a large variety of co-existing conditions.  It can be confusing to figure out what is what.  Here is a resource that can help.

Sleep and having ADHD often don't go hand in hand.  This is what the science suggests could improve the quality of your sleep, whether or not you have ADHD.  And that's important if you wish to perform at your best as well as manage your emotions.

For those of you who are having trouble getting your Adderall prescription filled, here are some ideas that may help.  Because I’m a relationship expert, and because medication changes can dramatically change how you interact with those around you, my first advice has to be about your most important relationships:

I'm often asked what technology can help with some of the basic elements of better managing life when ADHD is a factor.  Here are some high quality, easy, and often free apps and other technologies that couples report have helped their progress towards a calmer and happier life together.

Quick triggers and emotional issues are becoming more widely recognized as core components of ADHD.  Learn more with these articles from top ADHD experts.

Many are looking for non-medicinal ways to manage ADHD, so I get questions about CBD oil all the time.  While there are research-proven treatments for ADHD that don't involved medications, CBD oil isn't one of them.  ADDitude Magazine just updated a r

There are a lot of different therapy modes that can help couples impacted by ADHD, including Gottman Couples Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and ADHD Effect Consulting.  This post, contributed by an Imago therapy practitioner and Rabbi, describes the ins and outs of Imago therapy and how it can fit with ADHD.  As always, it helps to find a specialist who understands ADHD.

https://www.additudemag.com/add-adhd-symptoms-difference/Those who use the term 'ADD' are out of date.  But the distractible version that used to be called ADD is still around...just with a new name.  Here are the different types of ADHD and their key characteristics.

Medication seems to be helping with ADHD, but when is it enough?  And what else helps with treating ADHD?  I want to make sure my ADHD treatment works as well as it can.