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You may have ADHD, or you may be married to someone with ADHD and wondering whether it may be affecting your relationship.  This site can help you learn much more BUT PLEASE READ THIS before you explore for the first time!  Let me introduce you to what’s here.

Top Experts Plus Others Just Like You

You can find the following types of information here:

  • What ADHD in marriages is all about from the experts – essays by (mostly) Melissa Orlov, Dr. Ned Hallowell and a handful of other experts
  • What ADHD in relationships is all about from others who are living it – people both with and without ADHD write about their experiences and emotions in depth
  • Resources for more information (this section is new, and growing)
  • Events such as workshops, support groups, speeches and television appearances for more information or asking your own questions (these will be posted on the home page when available)
  • Answers to your own questions – sometimes by the experts, sometimes by others who are traveling the same road you are on

This Site is About Learning from Each Other, Supporting Each Other, and Changing Lives…

There is no other resource like this one, and we ask posters to be thoughtful in their approach to expressing their feelings.  Start in the "Melissa's favorite posts" area of the blog for the best introduction to important ideas about how ADHD symptoms impact relationships (right column.)

… But Those New to the Site Sometimes Vent

Over time readers learn more and more here, ask questions, support each other, and make progress in their relationship.  BUT it is not uncommon that people new to the site post comments that reflect their current bitterness and anger.  We ask all participants to be thoughtful in how they express themselves, and try to balance freedom of expression and keeping the conversation civil.  It’s important that each spouse hear both sides of the story and there may be no other place on the web where this happens as openly as it does here.  But be forewarned, sometimes these comments hurt.  If you find a comment is making you mad we suggest you move to something else or, perhaps, respond (politely) in a way that broadens the conversation.

Please observe our posting rules:

  • Write about your personal experiences - no gross generalizations, please!
  • No personal attacks
  • Helpful hints encouraged
  • Be civil and respectful, even when writing about difficult topics
  • No email or phone contact information.  Most links will be removed.
  • REMEMBER - your partner may read what you post - please choose your words carefully!

We reserve the right to remove posts that we believe are too offensive, and will also remove any post that attacks another poster.  Also, posting on this site gives us permission to use your words anonymously in blog posts or books.

Remember, this site is not medical advice.  If you need medical advice, please see your doctor.

Find the Joy You’ve Lost

Once you know the specifics about how ADHD impacts your marriage YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR FUTURE.  Melissa’s own story - from being in a completely dysfunctional marriage to having a marriage that is stronger and happier than she could have imagined - is only one example.  She’s seen this happen over and over again.

Start in “Melissa’s Favorite Posts”, and with her award-winning books, The ADHD Effect on Marriage and The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD.  The online treatment guide provides information about the latest in treating adult ADHD (make sure to download the free chapter!)  The blog and forums give you tons of stories and the ability to ask questions.  Several times a year Melissa gives a seminar by phone for couples looking to help couples impacted by ADHD.  You can also find articles and other information in the resources section.

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