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When ADHD is in the mix, knowledge is power.  Here’s how we help you understand and improve your relationship:

Professional Support

  • Couples 8-week tele-seminar - taught live by Melissa Orlov and designed to help you change your lives for the better.  Learn what works for couples impacted by ADHD and ask all of your questions.
  • We also offer support groups, counseling, referrals and more - go to the "Help for Couples' menu bar for details

Knowledge Builders

  • Books – two award winning books focused on how adult ADHD impacts relationships and what you can do as a couple (including audio version, see home page)
  • Online treatment guide – information about optimizing treatment of ADHD
  • Blog posts – Melissa and other experts write about issues facing couples impacted by ADHD – start at the ‘start here’ and ‘favorite posts’ categories listed at the bottom of the home page


  • Forum - Our forum provides a community for people to discuss their experiences as people with ADHD or as people living with partners who have ADHD.  Note – the forum can be pretty raw.  If you find a comment is difficult for you, we suggest you move on to something else or respond (politely) in a way that furthers the conversation.  (See posting rules below.)

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Find the Joy You’ve Lost

Once you know the specifics about how ADHD impacts your marriage YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR FUTURE.  Melissa’s own story - from being in a completely dysfunctional marriage to having a marriage that is stronger and happier than she could have imagined - is only one example.  She’s seen this happen over and over again.

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