For Therapists

Consulting Group Professional Opportunity

Melissa is interested in talking with professional coaches and counselors who already work with adults with ADHD who might be interested in participating in her ADHD & Marriage Consulting practice.  The program includes one year of professional education and practice support with Melissa, and assignment of couples or individuals to work with.  To qualify, you must have been working with adults with ADHD or couples impacted by ADHD for at least 4 years.  If you wish to talk with Melissa about this opportunity to see if you might be a good fit, please contact her.  

Therapist Training for Practices and Personal Issues

Melissa offers affordable therapist training sessions tailored to the needs of your specific practice or local professional group.  Please contact Melissa for more information.  Groups trained by Melissa will be listed on her website referrals page.

Professional Discount for Seminar

Therapists who wish to take Melissa's couples seminar The ADHD Effect In-Depth for either personal or professional reasons will receive a $50 professional courtesy refund off the course tuition.  Please contact Melissa for a coupon code.  More information about the seminar is at this link.

Aids for Your Counseling Work

Is ADHD Impacting Your Relationship? information sheet.  Download this handout for your waiting room or to give to those who might need it.

Seminar for couples complements your work:  Many counselors recommend Melissa's books to their patients and clients as a great way to get conversations started about ADHD and its impact on the couple's relationship.  In addition, counselors also recommend the live or recorded couples seminars to help 'jumpstart' the ADHD conversation and help both partners move beyond denial so that they may begin more productive therapy.  If you have any questions about whether the course might be appropriate for your own patients, or if you wish to hear a sample of the course, please contact Melissa.

Treatment E-Book, "How to Optimize Treatment for Adult ADHD" provides an overview of how to think about treatment conceptually, as well as provides solid information about treatment options.  Reviewed by Drs. Hallowell and Ratey before publication for accuracy.  Download and share with your patients, or send your patients to this site to download it and get other information.

Background Reading

In addition to my two books, you can also read:

ADHD in Practice Journal:  First-line therapeutic interventions for couples impacted by adult ADHD.  Published in 2018.

APA Monitor on Psychology:  Pay Attention to Me:  Undiagnosed ADHD affects millions of adults - and their romantic relationships by Kristen Weir.  Published in 2012

The Distracted Couple: The impact of ADHD on adult relationships.  Edited by Larry Maucieri, PhD and Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD.  This is the first therapist manual about couples impacted by ADHD.