ADHD-Savvy Coaches, Listed Alphabetically


The Hallowell Centers, ADHD, Executive Function, and Entrepreneurial Coaching in person or via Skype. Boston MetroWest, MA, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Seattle, WA; See their websites for specific details about what each center offers as well as contact information.

ADHD, the ADHD Coaches Association (ACO) provides a good list of professional ADHD coaches.

A.D.D. Resource Center, New York, NY.  Harold Meyer, Executive Director & Senior Credentialed ADHD Coach.  Coaching – Adults, Adolescents & Couples, Parenting Classes, Educational Advocacy.  Since 1992. Contact:, [email protected] 646-205-8080. 

ADDA - ADD Coach Academy directory - coaches listed in the directory have successfully completed the ADD Coach Academy's high standards of ADHD coach training

Kerin Bellak-Adams, Englewood, NJ, in-person/phone, ICF-certified, Specialties: Anxiety, Central Auditory Processing Disorder.  Works w/ professionals, & students (including drop-outs). Author of or [email protected]

Beyond BookSmart specializes in Executive Function coaching for children and adults, 1:1 online worldwide with a focus on practical tools and strategies to help individuals manage time, focus, effort, emotions, materials, priorities, and projects.

Jen Zobel Bieber, LLC, New York, NY and nationally by phone.  Specializes in adults and young adults with ADHD.  Provides a practical, action-orieted approach, including tools for organizing and simplifying, since 2004.  Affiliated with the NY Hallowell Center. Took our therapist seminar.  Go to this link.

Katherine BuoscioB.A., International Coaching Federation Member, works internationally by phone. One on one with ADHD adults using strengths-based, action-oriented techniques to assist clients with their personal and professional goals.  20+ years experience with the gifts and frustrations of ADHD. My purpose is to help you gain a sense of control over your life. Book a FREE 90-minute coaching session at

Kay Cannon, MCC, United States, Canada and Europe by phone and in-person, Specialities: Executive leadership consulting and coaching for ADHD CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals. In practice since 1999, Affiliations: International Coach Federation, Took our therapist course. Contact:; [email protected]; 859-266-2436

Kim Collins, Germantown, MD or nationally by phone. Senior Certified ADHD Coach and Certified Sexuality Coach, Specialize in helping older ADHD adults become more productive in the workplace and women over 40 embrace their sexuality and build better relationships. and (240) 361-2322

Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG, is an attention coach and expert on attention issues. Founder of DIG Coaching Practice and host and founder of Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video, Jeff coaches individuals and entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD symptoms who are seeking personal and business results. Contact at [email protected] or call 762-ADD-ADHD (233-2343).

Jill Corvelli, MA, MS, LPC Reg Intern, CADC, CGAC, PhD Doctoral Candidate, is an Acceptance & Commitment Therapist and Coach offering both counseling and coaching support for individuals with Adult ADHD and partners in ADHD-impacted relationships.  In Portland, OR she offers quarterly Journeys. She also offers 8 week couples 'Expeditions' and nationally she offers 10-week peer coaching groups.

Nan Daley, CPCC, Scituate, MA and nationally by phone. Specializes in coaching adults with ADHD and ADHD-related concerns. Gestalt trained to look at the whole person; coaches skills and strategies consistent with one's unique values and strengths. Special focus area working with writers. In practice since 2004. Took our therapists seminar. Contact: 781 264-2206

Dale Davison, M.SpEd. PCC, Board Certified Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, ACAC, Chicago, IL. Specializes in the Impact of ADHD Across the Lifespan. In practice since 2009. Affiliations: CHADD, ACO, ADDA, Edge Foundation. Took our therapists seminar. Contact:ph:847-920-8076, [email protected]

Casey Dixon, PCC, BCC, SCAC, M.S.Ed., Skype or FaceTime from anywhere, Specializes in science-based, innovative, collaborative coaching for attorneys, professors, and successful, demand-ridden professionals with ADHD. She founded Dixon Life Coaching in 2005. Contact: [email protected].

ImpactADHD - (Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster) founded ImpactADHD® and developed the Coach-Approach to parenting to give the parent the tools you need to manage ADD/ADHD and help your children thrive.

Laurette Fine-Genest, RN, Newton, MA or by phone or Skype.  Works with teens, kids and adults with Asperger's, ADHD, social skills and executive function issues.  Took our therapist seminar.  More info at this link or call 617-332-5476.

Career Ventures, Andrew Brown, MEd, LMHC, Boston, MA.  Brown specializes in helping adults with ADHD pursue fulfilling careers and make career transitions.  He can be reached through his website, or at 617-263-7744.

Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP, is a parenting specialist who works in person, phone, or video chat.  She is the creator of Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges©, author of  8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD and ADHD, Executive Function, & Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom: Managing the Impact on Learning, Motivation, and Stress  Website: Email: [email protected]

Cameron Gott, Charlottesville, VA and nationally by phone, ADHD Coaching for Professionals and Small Business Owners, Work/Life Balance and Follow-through. In Practice since 2000. Mentor Coach, Tele-Class Leader with ADD Coach Academy. Affiliations: International Coach Federation: Professional Certified Coach; CHADD: professional member; ADHD Coaches Organization: member. Contact: [email protected], 434 409-3603

Alison Kravit, Psy.D., AAC, Mequon, WI, local, and nationally by phone.  Alison has both psychology and ADHD coaching degrees, so provides a wide range of support.

Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., ACCG, PCC., Concord, MA and internationally. Caroline specializes in social skills development, guiding parents, clinicians and academic professionals to recognize and address the challenges associated with executive functioning and social isolation. She is the author of Why Will No One Play With Me.  Tele-Class Leader with ADD Coach Academy. Affiliations: International Coach Federation: Professional Certified Coach; CHADD: professional member; ADHD Coaches Organization: member. Contact:[email protected].

Ryan Mayer, MBA, AACC, ACC, Cleveland, OH and nationally by phone. Been in practice since 2020. ADHD Accountability and Mindset Coach for busy professionals who are tired of feeling like they are falling short of their potential at work and at home. ADHDer happily married to a neurotypical, who knows (first hand) the challenges that ADHD brain wiring brings to all relationships. As a family man, it is important to me that I help you to free up time to be with those who matter most to you, and be more present when you are with them. Contact: [email protected], 440-221-0249

Sandy Maynard, MS, Chelsea, MA and nationally by Skype.  Sandy is a leading coach who helped develop the ADD coaching guidelines.  She has helped adults with ADHD lead happier, healthier, more organized lives for over 20 years.  [email protected] and 202-486-8901

Katherine McGavern, Princeton, NJ (and nationally by phone), ADHD coaching for college students and adults, mothers, couples. In practice since 2005. Affiliations: CHADD: certified Parent to Parent teacher; founding member, CHADD Mercer County; editorial Advisory board member Chadd's Attention Magazine. Took our therapist course. Contact: [email protected]. 609 921-3266

Harold (Hal) Meyer, MBA, SCAC, New York, NY., Hal has been coaching ADHD adults for many years and is also the Executive Director of The ADD Resource Center in NYC so is on top of what is going on in the world of ADHD.  He can be reached at [email protected] and 646 205-8080.

Kirsten Milliken, PhD, PCC Maine and International via Skype, Psychologist and ADHD Coach.   Coaching for teens and adults who are highly motivated and challenged to reach their potential.  Specializing in making the management of ADHD fun! Author of PlayDHD.  [email protected]

Casey Moore, PCC, PCOC, MA, The Productivity Coach: Productivity coaching for busy professionals, especially those with ADHD. Coaching by phone or virtually nationally and in-person in Central Texas. Certified Professional Organizer.  757-560-2872

Kimber Nelson, ACC, CPC, Las Vegas, NV (nationally by phone/video conference) Non-ADHD Partner Coach, ADHD Coach & Student Academic Success Coach trainer on the faculty of JST Coaching & Training. Author of ADHD Partners: The Path to Embracing Life and Awakening Personal Power and published in the ADHD Report. Contact: or [email protected]

Robert Pal, ADHD coach, facilitator and strategist. A former CEO of a global fashion accessories brand, Robert Pal now helps business leaders from around the world identify and capitalize on their strengths to achieve greater professional and personal success.

Kathy Peterson, ADHD coach, Louisville, KY and by phone.  Has been an ADHD coach for 15+ years with impressive background and recommendations.  781-646-5474, [email protected] or [email protected]

Dan Pruitt, CPCC, PCC, SCAC Atlanta area.  Expert coach in ADHD and other neurodiverse populations.  Works at Parkaire Consultants.

Peggy Ramundo, BS, ACT and others by phone. Co-author of You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! Peggy has been focused on coaching people with ADHD for more than 10 years and works with a number of other like-minded coaches. More info at this link.

Nancy Ratey, Ed.M., MCC, SCW - Strategic Life Coach, Wellesley, MA and by phone. Author of The Disorganized Mind. Works primarily with professionals. More info at this link.

Matt Reid, ACC, AACC. Certified ADHD Coach & Life Coach, Professional Organizer, Executive Function Specialist & Speaker. Matt specializes in practical strategies & behavioral change; organization & time management; and dealing with accompanying depression and anxiety. He works with adults of all ages and sees clients in his Milton MA office or virtually.  He visits clients' homes/offices for organizing work.;  - [email protected] - 617.898.0302 (Email preferred.)

Christine RobinsonM.Ed. Clarksville and Nashville, TN, Also works remotely. Coaching for Adults, Teens, Children and College Students with ADHD, Learning Differences, Asperger's and Executive Function Difficulties. Own ADHD coaching business training program. Contact: (615) 490-9217,

Linda Roggli, PCC, Durham, NC works specifically with women impacted by ADHD and also coaches ADHD couples who are ready to throw in the towel back to recommitment and tenderness. She and her husband Victor offer couples VIP weekend retreats for intensive relationship repair. Professionally-trained, vice-president of ADDA, ADHD webinar expert, adult support group. 10 years ADHD coaching experience. 919-309-9300, [email protected] or

Robin Roman Wright, M.A., BCC, Andover, MA and Nationwide, ADHD and Career Coaching for Teens and Young Adults with expertise in ADHD.  Co-author of, “Transform Interests Into Jobs, A Career Practitioner’s Guide,” Professional Workshops/ Webinars for Career Coaches/ Counselors.  [email protected],

Lynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., ACC, CDCS. Boca Raton, FL and nationwide.ICF Certified ADD/ADHD/Executive Function Coach, certified Career Development Coach and Life Coach.  Her specialty is working with college students and young adults on career choice and job search.  Lynn has been coaching professionally since 2012 and was a NY special education teacher for 12 years, and in the corporate world for 15 years. Contact: 800-426-3912., [email protected]

Northwest Atlanta Adult ADHD Support Group.  Run by coach Dan Pruitt and Darin Bush, this group meets regularly to discuss issues associated with ADHD in adults.

Leslie Rouder, LCSW, Cht. ADD Coach and licensed therapist working with individuals, couples and groups. Works as a trainer, speaker and consultant to universities on Disability Services  and specializes in adult ADHD in her private practice.  Leslie holds numerous certifications and trainings on ADHD including ADD in 2005 with Drs. Hallowell and Ratey. In private practice since 2000. Took our therapists seminar.

Carlyn Saltman, Relationship Coaching Institute licensed affiliate; Amherst and Greenfield, MA, by phone, and Skype. Communication and relationship coaching since 2004 with optional Video Mirror Feedback®, an approach she researched and developed that uses psychosynthesis, conscious communication, mindfulness and more.  Took our therapist seminar.   More information here.

Michelle Silbert, CPCC, MSW, Boston area and nationally by phone.  Ignite Your Sparks! Holistic Coaching.  Strengths-based couples coaching using compassionate communication & interpersonal mediation (NVC), goal-setting & productivity coaching, and career coaching for young adults launching a 1st career or adults looking to make a career shift. 30-minute complimentary consult to see if coaching with me is a good match for you.  or email [email protected]

Sara SkillenCOC, CPO, Franklin, TN, ADHD coach and professional organizer. She is the author of  Organizing and Big Scary Goals.

JST Coaching & Training, founded by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, is the leading authority on student coaching and ADHD/EF student coaching worldwide. We are committed to delivering interactive, heart-centered, high-quality training that equips our coaches with the mindset, skills and resources they need to create lasting, transformational changes with their students. To connect with a JST trained coach, visit

Nancy Snell, Certified Professional Business ADD Coach. New York, NY and by phone.  More info at this link. Phone: 212-517-6488.

Sharon Stewart, M.A., MFT, by phone.  Specializes in coaching individuals of all ages and families at all stages.  Licensed MFT since 1991. Uses a practical collaborative approach, encourages clients to recognize and grow strengths.  Took our therapist seminar. 214-223-5882 or [email protected].

Kathy Sussell, NYU CPC, is an ADHD coach in Brooklyn, NY. She helps teens, college students and adults with time management, planning and prioritizing, getting started with and finishing tasks, organizing paper and objects and improving social skills. Kathy is the organizer of the Brooklyn ADHD Women’s Meetup Group.,  [email protected]

Caroline Totah, RN, ACC, COC® and CPO® Productivity coach and professional organizer for adults with ADHD and executive function challenges. Strengths-based, holistic approaches. Onsite services for clients in their homes and workspaces in the San Francisco Bay Area, and phone coaching world-wide.[email protected], 650-733-7050.


Joanna Harding-Duggan, B.A., Dip.C.S., ACC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Certified professional coach with a specialty in ADHD and executive functioning.   Coaching professionals/adults as well as students with ADHD. Offering consultations to parents who have children diagnosed with ADHD.[email protected], 647-988-1846.

Pete Quily, certified coach, Vancouver, Canada and by phone. More info at this link

Cathy Rashidian, CPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist™, Calgary, AB, Canada. Graduate of Advanced Coach Training by ADD Coach Academy.  She draws upon her extensive and successful corporate career of twenty years and her own experience with ADHD to equip corporate executives and entrepreneurs who are late in life diagnosed with tools and strategies for continued success. Facilitator of virtual workshops on Neurodiversity in the workplace. Host of, Coaching world wide via Zoom email [email protected].

Bruce Sandy, M.P.A.(H.S.A.), CPCC, PACG, PCC, Greater Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  Coaching and relationship consulting for adults, couples and partners (both personal and professional) with ADHD as well as related business, career, financial, sexual, sexuality and spiritual issues.  Took our therapist seminar.  866-461-8789; [email protected];

Rose Steele, RN, PhD, Toronto, ON, Canada. Coaching for adults with ADD/ADHD, and spouses/partners, friends, and coworkers. Took our therapist seminar. Website:

CADDAC - Center for ADHD Awareness, Canada


Faigy Lieberman - a certified ADHD coach and also professional organizer.  Contact her at

Karen Doherty, London, Brighton, Individual and couples ADHD counseling.

Rebecca Champ, ADHD support available in Cambridgeshire, or across the UK via Skype.


ADHD Organizing Professionals

Judith Kohlberg, Atlanta, GA - Co-author of ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life is one of the top ADHD organizers, period.  More information at her website.

The National Association of Professional Organizers - lists organization coaches, but not necessarily for ADHD


ADHD Support Groups - one way to find a local support group, as well as background information. We also recommend finding your local chapter as they may have specific information about specialists in their area.

Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group - very active support group offers speakers, meetings and info about trials and events in NYC at this link.

North Central Community Collaborative, and North Central Connecticut Community Collaborative Family Support Group - North Central Connecticut. Group leaders are therapists, social workers , providers - helping parents of children or spouses with ADHD. Doriana M. Vicedomini, Chair, took our therapist seminar. Groups established in 2005. Contact: (860) 668-5228 or (504) 259-4327 or [email protected]  

Limited financial means? Contact Healthwatch to see if there are clinical trials going on which you can join. If you can join a clinical ADD trial then the evaluation is free. 

Find or Start an ADHD Support Group - Can't find an ADHD support group in your area? Follow these steps to start your own support group for adults with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD. Learn more at – Psychology Today keeps a large list of providers that is helpful because it is sortable by zip code, specialty and health plan.  Look for specialists who say they diagnose ADHD, who practice CBT or in some other way indicate that they have more than a “passing interest” in ADHD.  When you call them, find out what proportion of their practice is devoted to ADHD. – this website has a lot of information about choosing a therapist as well as an extensive list of therapists that can be sorted geographically and by specialty.  Note that to find an ADHD therapist you have to go into “Advanced Search” and choose “Inattention…ADHD”  Like the PsychologyToday resource, you’ll want to make contact to verify that the person has a specialty in ADHD.

Google – You may find someone by Googling ‘adult ADHD’ or ‘ADHD couples’ and your location. 

Social Media - There are several ADHD pages in Facebook and Twitter, plus many groups.  This Facebook Group is for those with an ADHD spouse, written in English and Spanish.


*To reiterate:  We cannot and do not know what sort of experience you will have with the professionals listed here, and offer no guarantees that you will have any specific outcome with them.  We offer this list of suggested professionals only as a service to the many adults who contact us asking for further information about professionals who know about adult ADHD and its impact on relationships.