2nd time in a month H has not gone to work and not called in!

He had a 3-day weekend this past weekend so he should have been plenty relaxed. When he's really busy at work I never see him on Facebook all day or get emails, but he was on quite a bit on Tuesday so I figured it must be slow and he's having a good day. He even called me about a 1/2 hour before he left work and sounded all upbeat. He gets home and says one customer really rubbed him the wrong way earlier in the day.The guy was yelling at him over something that wasn't his fault and H says that he nearly jumped over the counter and bashed his head on the counter but then he would have gone to jail! Oh you think?? Then he said he eventually told the guy "I don't give a shit what you think". Apparently this isn't uncommon for him as he is always telling me that he's saying that to difficult customers on the phone and in person and everyone else looks at him and then afterwards they all say to him "Oh wow you really told him off. Good for you!" Even says the old retired owner of the place always tells him he's in the right when he does that. Wow! A couple of weeks ago he tells me that he just decided that he's not going to let work get to him anymore and ever since then, even if he's had bad days he still comes home in a good mood. It has made all the difference. However the whole incident must have really got to him because he said he just sat home yesterday feeling sorry for himself for getting angry. He didn't watch tv, go on the computer, didn't even have anything to drink. Said he just laid in bed and read. Said he was going to go in later and then just said "fuck it" and stayed home. Once again without even calling in and nobody calling him wondering where he was. There were a ton of things around the house he could have accomplished yesterday, but nope, he didn't do a thing. I CANNOT understand how management doesn't call him and wonder where he is and then when he does show up and gives his reason they all go "Oh I totally understand. It's cool". That along with the obviously shitty attitude he has, just like at every job. Says everyone screws around all day (even though he JUST told me the day before that people were doing a lot better), how he gets stuck with all the work, but still says he likes his job. Yet yesterday he tells me he looked at another job posting for something else because that seems to be his go to when he has bad days at work. I KNOW he will never pursue another job because I basically had to find him this job when he was out of work. He has no motivation to put together a resume or answer questions on a website. I am still waiting for him to post an ad on Craigslist to sell our truck. He finally took pictures of it a month ago but that's all the further it went.