ADD and Passivity

I posted on this forum months ago because my husband has physically injured me by not paying attention and dropping a bookcase on my foot. I thought things were getting better until.... My husband got a new job and it requires him to drive clients. We got him a new-ish used car to do this with. I signed on the loan as well as him. Last week the car broke down on the way to work. We'd only had it 9 days. He walked home and LEFT THE CAR on the road. The car was under warrantee. He called the dealer once and didn't leave his name. He waited for me to come home (usually I only get a few hours at work). The phone was off so he couldn't leave a callback number. The car got towed and I had to use my tuition money to get it back instead of paying my tuition. How can anyone be so utterly inert??? How in the world could an adult not know that you call a towtruck when your car breaks down instead of letting the city tow it? How can a person deal with a spouse who won't take care of business?