husband blames me when major problems arise due to his lazy irresponsible thinking. I work hard at everything i do think plan ahead and he is comfortable  with things going down hill just gives me no rest because i am sweating my ass off doing his job mine and trying to stay focused. When he does not do his part I do my best to add the many task that he should be doing to my busy schedule's. I work from home and support us entirely if I cant make a bill my mother assists, we have 3 children and a nice house with a large backyard that not long ago was,beautiful now it's a shit yard. I just can't keep up with covering up his mess at my cost it's too hard. And I am beginning to resent my marriage. When it comes to asking him to be there he runs. But I cannot teach and supervise him. And when I don't he does not complete anything. I Don't want to be his mother I want to be his wife. I don't know  what to we have been together for almost ten years and I have tryed all the diffrent ways to communicate with his positively but am not successful.  Please advise maybe I am doing something wrong but my children are affected whether I like it or not if he wastes money, I have to work even harder to compensate his stupidity and in this economy I am at the end of the day just me. I have an open mind so any advise is appreciated I can filter my own thought afterwards thanks