Adderall and Vyvanse

My DH was diagnosed two months ago. He started on Vyvanse 30 mg I think it was, but then after he got home from work he would just have these mood swings, anything could set him off. The DR said some people need something else in the afternoon when they "crash" from the meds. So she gave him Adderall .  Now he's taking Adderall XR in the morning and an Adderall booster in the evening. 


I am am just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these mood swings, feeling like the ADHD spouse or significant other feels that they don't communicate we'll with you anymore, lack of sex drive, hyper focused on everything else but sex. I feel like I have to walk on egg shells, trying not to set him off, trying to treat him the same as he feels I treat him different now. Says he feels I don't look at him the same now, and I'm different.  Yet when he gets in a mood, he tells me to leave him alone and ignore anything that he says as he doesn't mean it.  If I try and give my opinion or a suggestion, it's like that's not what I want and shuts me down.  Help!!! I feel alone, I try not to get upset when he says hurtful things as he doesn't mean them.  And if he gets something in his head, he goes for it, even if it's a terrible idea. Then if I say anything about it, I'm picking on him. 


He was never like this prior to taking the meds.  And paranoia I guess as he always says I don't love him anymore