ADHD / ADD and Tourettes - experience with meds

Hi everyboy,

I was wondering if anybody in here has been diagnosed with ADHD / ADD and Tourettes and what medication has been working well for adressing the ADHD / ADD? 

My spouse has been taking Concerta for 1 week, starting on a mininum dose but was told by the doctor to double it after 1 week. 

While taking the initia dose, the tics increased somewhat, but my spouse felt better (she did think that in the end of the first week that the Concerta was wearing off).  After doubling the dose, the tics have increased very much.  The doctor said that this could happen, but there was also a possibility that the tics would decrease again.

So what we are wondering, as stated above, what meds have been working well to adress the ADHD / ADD, when also diagnosed with Tourettes?