ADHD, Aspergers and Medication

Well I will start off by saying I don't have a specific question rather sharing my own experience and insight if for no other reason then I feel the need to journal :)

So bit of history:

  • Have been diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger and Dysthymia
  • Currently separated from spouse but we're dating again and that's been fantastic
  • Attending regular counseling
  • Was taking Pristiq and Strattera

So the story begins:

Pristiq worked well for Dysthymia BUT the sexual side effects were awful.  Not helpful for relationship when you have low interest and performance ANXIETY.  So I tried to switch to Wellbutrin.  Worst 3 weeks of my life.  I lack the words to truly describe the effect but I felt as if I were piloting my body by remote.  Awful.  And then there was the bonus that apparently Wellbutrin has the effect, on some people, of - shall we say making you less than regular?  By that I mean after 3 weeks I was seriously concerned - you know all the warnings on the laxative box about seeing a doctor immediately if you have ANY of these symptoms?  I had them ALL, in spades.

Well I discussed with physician and discontinued Wellbutrin as this obviously was not a side effect I could live with - and I tried everything: high fiber, active/passive laxatives, mineral oil and other things I'd just as soon not recall.

The interesting part? (And yes I did discuss with counselor!) is that I've been off all anti-depressants for 3 weeks (still taking Straterra) and I feel great!  The ability to focus, an understanding of my conditions and what is modifiable vs. accepting what is, return of libido and improved relations with spouse seem to be the ticket to happiness.  Of course I am HIGHLY aware of the dangers of thinking depression is "cured" but checking in with counselor every two weeks and will revisit as needed.