ADHD Awareness Expo

Hi all!

The ADHD Awareness Expo is coming up during ADHD Awareness Week, September 12th-18th!

The fully online event will display the latest advances, strategies and alternative treatments from the world’s leading authorities, experts, and organizations as the ADD /ADHD Community comes together for the first ever ADHD Awareness Expo.

Its completely free to sign up and attend the expo: Register here:

Some companies that will be there will be AbilTo, a company that combines the power of video conferencing with the unique advantages of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy to deliver programs that treat a series of common conditions, most notably Adult ADD/ADHD, the forum, the lovely Dr. Hallowell and Melissa Orlov from this site!, Moms with ADD, Women with ADD, the ADD Coaches Organization that trains ADD Coaches, and more!!

Should be a great week!