ADHD boyfriend broke up with me 2 days before our 1 year anniversairy

My now ex-boyfriend and I had been dating for nearly a year. We met at college. His personality, his looks and his passion for anime and sailing had made me attracted to him. I thought everything was going well in our relationship - he taught me to eat fruit, like cats and we went to some of his family events i.e. his sister's wedding and christening. I lost my virginity to him on Valentine's Day (a week before my 19th birthday). I guess things started to go wrong when we had our induction days at college. I asked him how his went and for half an hour, he talked about another girl who had similar interests to him and how lovely she was. Since then, he was distant - he refused to hold my hand in public unless my hand was in his pockets, he didn't text back some of the time, he never kissed me in public and he became more quiet. Two days before our anniversary, we began to walk towards his mum's work. I tried to get him to open his emotions slightly by reminding him the good times we had. After I gave him his early anniversary present (I made him a scrapbook), he decided to call it all off, claiming that he wasn't ready to commit. I was really hurt and upset. Nearly a week on, I still have strong feelings for him. I have texted him a little, but I tend to not see him in person for a while to give him space. Even though he was the one who broke it all off, I want him back. How?