The ADHD Effect on Marriage in other languages

Hello all,

I am looking for The ADHD Effect on Marriage in the Chinese language to give to my wife.  Where can I find it in other languages?  

Whilst it is too late to save the marriage itself, (truthfully I think the right time for me to have known my ADHD diagnosis, read this book, and begun working hard on changing myself was around 2016/17 so about 7 years too late) the book covers a lot of areas that will be helpful regarding ADHD relationships which other co-parenting manuals do not; communication, empathy, treatment, boundaries.  We need to co-parent our daughter amicably and if we are constantly at odds with each other that is not going to be good for our child.  

(Hint: maybe Melissa Orlov could work on a version of this book specifically on co-parenting with ADHD in the future?)

Edit: The link to a Chinese copy of the book says it has expired for the copyright contract so it isn't able to be sold.  I am happy to buy second-hand either physical or pdf version.  Just really want to keep to my promise to track down a Chinese version.