ADHD, Egotistic, Delusional Husband

Hello everyone! First and foremost I would like to express how extremely happy I am learning about this website. I have only read few topics (for now), and it already made me feel relieve. It makes me feel sane knowing that I am not alone in this "battle".

Although my husband has not been clinically diagnosed with ADHD, I strongly believe he has ADHD since childhood. He shows almost all the signs of ADHD. He is/was never happy with any of the jobs he has/had which results in constant job change/loss. The longest job he held that I know of is 2 years. Yes, 2 years ONLY! He gets bored and unhappy especially when he does not get the appreciation he knows he deserves to get. He never takes responsibilities for his actions. He always point finger. It is always the employers/company's fault. My husband has problem paying attention and focusing. He gets easily distracted. It takes him sometimes an hour to write an email to his colleagues. Most of the time is because he replies with complete elaboration that is not necessary/not being asked, to a simple 3 sentence-email sent to him. He is always late with meeting/conferences and when confronted he will make all the excuses or try to blame someone to get out of it. He is always late on almost everything.  All my husband does is sit in front of the computer, reading about things that he knows he needs to be up-to-date. He always say he is busy and never have time for anything. He does not cook (at all!), he does not do any house chores. He does not take our kids to school or attend any school events. When his is home, sitting in front of the computer, he will call for me(out loud) and ask for food. Living like a king! My husband thinks he knows everything. As a matter of fact he "knows" he know everything. Being married to an Asian wife who came from a third world country makes him think he can tell me anything and accept it as it is without any doubt, without any question. I used to do that until I learned that not everything he says is right. I was naive and ignorant but I am not stupid. When I learned to question he gets very upset. He will say " why dont you believe me, you know I am always right." " I have done several years of research and you don't believe me?" Seriously irritating! When he does or say something and at the end of the day he will be proven wrong, he will ultimately deny it. He never accepts that anything is ever his fault. My husband thinks he will live forever. He "knows" he can reverse diseases or has cure for it. He will tell me things like "depopulation" That the elites wants to rule the world and eliminated others by all means. There are a lot more of his conspiracy theories that drives me NUTS and wants me to believe everything about it. He thinks he can outsmart the government. An example of this is by not giving the right amount of money to be deducted for tax. He wants to keep more of his paycheck, save the money and pay whatever is owed at the end of the year. The problem with this is that NO MONEY IS BEING SAVED. So we ends up paying the IRS at the end of the year. While this keeps on happening to us, my husband never learned or refuses to learn. I also think he has superiority complex. He always put down people and think he is always better, ALWAYS!

Now my husband does not have a job. He quit early this year because he thinks he does not get the respect he deserves, he is not being appreciated but instead being put down. Now we will be moving out of state to live in his mom. We broke our lease, little money left on our savings account. Before I married my husband his life was already disorganized. I thought he has changed but I guess he will never change. I will have to live our life( my kids and I) under my management. I see no future with husband. He once admitted he does not know what to do as a career, he does not have a long-term goal. It scared the freak out of me and proves to me that I am sure there will be no stability in our life if I continue to count of him. Sigghhh..... Writing this gives me a sense of relief. I am happy! I am looking forward on reading more topics here =)