ADHD husband is upset for everything....

I have come a long way with my ADHD husband,things have been very very hard with him where I have been experiencing hair loss and itchy skin as a result of ALL the stress he has been putting me through.

some people would ask"then why don't you LEAVE him"and I would be lost for words as to why I can't leave this man.Maybe I am scared of being alone and without the man I love,but then again after the fact I am being abused in every which way possible.

Today was to be a normal working day at my country,but we won a gold medal in the Olympics, so we was given a holiday.He was mad at that and then saying why we must get this holiday and it was as almost as it was my fault,he got up this morning still in disbelief and went to work but had to come back home when no one was in office and the building was locked

Then he came home by me this morning and he was still mad at this holiday, and he was really really moody and he just got up and walked out of the house when my Mother and my kids was making a joke out of it,we were all trying to cheer him up when he got even angrier and walked out.

Then last week a friend of his was being a bit rude to me and I deleted him off FB,I told him about it and he was good at first then two days after he was shouting and mad and all angry throwing tantrums and mood swings,when I told him that I would not hide anything like that from him,he is saying crazy mad things.

I think that he had something really important to do today and that holiday messed it up for him and he took it out on me(something that he did not want me to know).Then I think that his past life was so nasty that he don't want me communicating with his friends and family.He would get so mad and upset at me being on the computer and he almost wanted me NOT to ever use a computer because he blamed it on (BAD NEGATIVITY) and that it could ruin our relationship.when in fact he has a lot to hide from his past life and now it all makes sense to me.

It's one thing with the porn,mood swings,depressions,women,etc etc.and I have been putting up with alot.but then to find out what he did before we knew each other was his greatest fear,fear that I would leave him for the things he had done in his past life.I could leave him after what I have learnt,something that I would not share on these forums,I am too disgusted,but I believe in change and I have not seen or heard him do such things here and while we are together so I would not leave him for his past life,but for the things he would do to ruin our future together.