ADHD Hyperfocus or Psychopathic "Love Bombing"

I googled ADHD hyperfocus and googled Psychopathic Love Bombing.  They have slight differences, but scary similarities.  Anyway,  I am a new victim.  

Was "love bombed" for 3 months by an ADHD man,   Wow it was fascinating.  I fell head over heels and gave my heart.  LOL!  

Today, I am dead to him.  Texts and calls are ignored.  I am the invisible women.  Its so ridiculous i want to call 911 and state an emergency! 

He has moved on to another person.  Its like it didn't happen.

Oh well just a vent sorry.  Yep i am sad.  and in disbelief.  

BTW:  I want my heart back.  dont you ever fuck with me again.