Hubby has been having is ADHD in, ADHD out moments frequently at times,"snap shot thinking",he has been in and out of situations presently and in the past also,and in the past/present with what "I"call "snap shot thinking"or"snap shot memory" ,in addition to having ADHD,his anger and frustrations buildup from having an abusive childhood has been an overpowering situation in addition to having undiagnosed/unrecognized ADHD for DH over the years, and in the event of failing at "ANYTHING"causes him to go into "snap shot memory",i.e:he was doing a job at one time and b/c he was so good at what he does,even though his ADHD overrules him to think he would fail at doing "something/anything" he tends to still hang in there and continue,based upon his past failures and underachievement's before and being labeled all the time as something"BAD"etc:etc: he would now presently as an adult with ADHD, perform his task over too well,but,late at times, but when he follows through it would be too perfect, and then co-workers around would be threaten that they would lose there position at his so over good workman ship he so brings forth.

Then"snap shots" of his past would hunt him as he goes through un medicated ADHD,and then he would fall out of line and do something "bad" to get in to trouble and lose his job!or his work position resulting in legal situations,and then he would be in what I call (ADHD MOOD) for some time, and then one day,one second ago it's like this, then BAMMM!!! "snap shot memory" would come back where he would fall straight back in line where he would try and do the right thing for as long as the "good snap shot memory is in gear" and this would last about 3 months out of the bad bad behavior but "only" when something is about to go down bad with him that triggers this mood into action like,being labeled again,or overruled by others,or taken away from his position in doing the things that stimulate him in active action,he would "SNAP" and then he would end up in total chaos/madness,he would"NOT" sleep for weeks properly,he would be mentally drained that he can't think at all and then on top the lack of focus, one of ADHD traits,the even worse for him,then he would go into hate,anger,depressions,lack of eating,sleeping,desire to be so mad, he would want to literally do bodily harm to those who so affected him at work site, or even someone who gets into his way"at that time",he would turn heavy on substance abuse,alcohol/marijuana and so on,but then one evening the overwhelming chronic tiredness would start to take him over, and chronic hunger from not eating much or none at times, then he would get the urge to eat,and he would eat a lot and then he would dose off for 2 seconds,and bamm!!!again he would say to himself"what the f*** am I doing here",exact quoting,and where ever he would be,of course no one would accept him at there house with the rumors in town he was going crazy"another unidentified label"he would be at some hotel for the hour, or under some bridge or even under his parents house when they where asleep, and it was late,so they would not know he was there.Then he would do the right thing all over again until"snap shot memory comes back"...

I am scared of this!!! I was not with him when all this time he was having these chronic behaviors,he actually admitted this to me last night, and also in the past but I also labeled him as "just not loved" and I was not aware of ADHD and the child abuse at the time, only pieces at a time he would reveal to me the past and current situation that occurred with him,he is the love of my life and I don't want this type of suffering on DH behalf to continue,I am immediately in a position to drop all my things to attend so carefully at his situation in soon at an emergency paste, and there would be no stopping me to help him.I am curios to find out if anyone has have a similar situation based on his attempts/non-attempts to change from "good" and then slip back in to the "bad" with the "snap shot memory"

please comment in similar circumstances.