ADHD with OCD & Anxiety

Does anyone have any experience with a spouse that has ADHD, OCD and anxiety? My wife has been diagnosed with all of them. Early on in our marriage we had a lot of issues. My temper being a very big one. I have tried numerous meds over the past 6 years and the last 2 settled on Cymbalta. I LOVE IT!!!! It has made such a difference in how I react. I still go to therapy every week for myself. I don't know how to work with my wife. She is on Adderall and just started taking Wellbutrin for the 5th time this year.she likes the high the meds give her. She goes on and off the Wellbutrin constantly. It makes her angry. She says when she is off the Wellbutrin she is sad and she would rather ber angry and happy than sad and fat. 

Everything is my fault. Lately I have been getting angry. The more I try not to fight with her the nastier she gets. I thought it was suppose to help not to engage.

she is 38 and I am 42. We have one daughter together and I have one from a previous marriage that has moved out. She has been harassing me about getting a reverse vasectomy, having a baby, her quitting her job, us buying a MASSIVE home. We can afford it but that is not the point it should be a joint decision. In the past I just stopped fighting with her when she would do something off the wall and just tried not to participate in it. But if I didn't participate or said I didn't think I agreed w it she would get nasty. She did it anyway. One time she flew to chicago with our daughter and bought a $3000 dog then after having it for 6 months didn't want to deal with it anymore so she sold it for $75. She was mad because I wouldn't help take care of the dog that I didn't think we should get.

The problem is now when she wants to do something that involves me and I don't agree or want to meet in the middle she gets pissed because she says I'm standing in her way. If it is something that I have no control over like buying something she does it anyway.

she needs me to sign on a house, have a baby, quit her job. I don't know what to do anymore.

Thanks for listening.