ADHD partner going in deep moods with me most weekends

I am seriously considering how to cope, how to be stronger, but angry that his moodiness most weekends, lately, because I am not listening, because he wants to talk about something with a lot of detail in it and wants me to get it properly and this is usually when we are out and about, the supermarket car park as we are walking towards the shop doors, or when my dog was being extremely restless in a pub, going near the fire, walking off, or about to jump up on the pub's sofa, I get accused of not wanting to listen to him.  This also is a cheek because he doesn't actively listen to me or ask me any questions further from my one sentences I can only get in, so of course I don't really want to give him time probably deep down, BUT, I think I do when I am relaxed, plenty of times, always listening to him ranting on about some fact or another.  He justs also wants to talk in the most inappropriate times, like first first thing in the morning upon waking up is always a killer and ruins the whole day if not the whole weekend as he feels he shouldn't apologise.  I don't want to live this way, I hate it.  When he doesn't listen to me or cuts me off, I usually don't worry about it if it was an inappropriate time.