To ADHD people - Whom frustrates you?

Personally speaking my parents frustrate me the most. Yesterday I had an issue. My parents and I like to skype. My wife updated her computer and now the mike does not work. Last time I video called my parents there was a delay as we have the image, but called on our cell phones for sound. Yesterday we set the time to Skype for 1700. My folks were late. I called them at 1600 to say just use GOOGLE to sign on and video chat as my computer is a CHROME system and does not support SKYPE. Cut my parents getting on the computer at 1715. My wife is asleep with a migraine. My oldest, two years old, is playing with his legos. My two year old is asleep on the couch. My mother needs to be walked through step-by-step how to sign onto gmail and use the chat service. She then hands the phone to my father. My three month wakes up screaming. I have been calmly explaining to my parents how to do sign on. My father says he can't hear me and speak up. I scream, frustrated. My two year old runs off, my wife comes out from her nap, and I have to hang up on my parents. I then go to my computer and start typing step by step instructions to my parents. I finally get them online. My wife lets me know I scared my son and says there was no reason to be that frustrated. I feel like an ass.