Poem- The ADHD Me

I look in the mirror and what do I see, but 35 year old man who has ADHD Looking back things now it all makes sense As a kid I wasn't slow, stupid or dense School was something I always had to work hard at Listening to things that bored me while fidgeting this way and that I was charismatic and charming and had lots of friends I was crazy and funny willing to make you laugh till no end I guess I coped with this problem not knowing in me was this problem to deal with called ADHD As a young adult I hung out with crazy friends We did insane things that made us wonder how we lived in the end I realize now that it was me just coping for my ADHD Just trying to find a rush that could satisfy me But through all these years and the dumb things I have done I was blind to fact that I had an issue all my own I am 35 now married with a family I love and cherish It took me seven years of hurting to become aware of this I have the problem it is in me It's destroying my family this damn ADHD Now that I know I feel relieved and scared I have to face my issue and take away my wife's burden and bear I promise to do my best to fix all of these issues It is too late to take away all my wife's pain, tears and tissues I will start this road to recovery and do all I can To conquer this problem that has formed who I am Some bad, some good have come to be This person I am the ADHD me