ADHD problem? Husband starts tickling me aggressively and won't stop!

My husband will sometimes playfully tickle me but sometimes does it very aggressively to the point where it's super uncomfortable and I can't breath.  I can't get away from him and have to use all my strength to roll off the couch onto the floor and crawl away trying to get away from him. He seems to think it's a game and how I love it and he continues to do it to the point where I have to scream at the top of my lungs to let me go. Sometimes I just scream "911" which makes him immediately release his grip on me and goes "Shhh! Was that really necessary?" YES! Stop means stop! He does the same thing to his daughter (my stepdaughter) who is 16. Grabs her feet and tickles them to the point of uncomfortable and won't let go or holds her down and tickles her stomach and she does the same thing as me--has to scream at the top of her lungs before he will stop. Then HE gets angry at US because we are upset and being so serious when he was just having fun!

What is going on in his mind that he can't see we are NOT having fun?!