ADHD spouse expecting you to do errands for them, but never reciprocating!

I don't even ask H to run any errands for me, even if he is in the same vicinity of one I need to run. He is always asking me to stop by somewhere on my way home and pick something up for him. A few years ago when I worked form home and we only had one vehicle, I would often drop him off and pick him up if I needed the car. Well one morning I took him in, ran a few errands and got home and within 15 minutes he calls and says he forgot his iPod at home and asks if I would mind bringing it to him. I have just been in the car running all over town for an hour and now you want me to bring you your iPod because you are bored? Yet I still do it. When he works OT on the weekends he never brings a lunch and asks me to bring him something rather than him getting in his car and going to get something or better yet, bring something in with him. I'm sure if I had asked him to bring me a sandwich at 1PM on a Saturday he'd whine and tell me to grab something nearby!

He gets off off work at 1:30PM and is home by 2PM. I work until 4PM and don't get home until 5PM. Yet I am the one who always has to do the grocery run on the way home. It's a pain in the ass to have to deal with rush hour traffic and then also have to stop and deal with the madhouse of a grocery store at 5PM. He could do it and still be home by 2:30 but asking him to do that is such a huge burden on him. You know, cause he just wants to relax when he gets off work. I dropped off some boots at a repair place to have a new zipper put in. He could have well picked them up after work since it was right by his work. Instead, I didn't mention it to him and went out of my way to pick them up. Just the idea of bringing up an errand to him stresses me out and I mine as well just do it myself. He'd probably forget anyways!