ADHD Therapy/Coaching In Madison, WI

Hello all,

I'm looking for some help with my ADHD.  I'm struggling to find a Therapist or Coach in the Madison, WI area that has experience with adult ADHD.  My insurance provider and their clinics only have therapists with child ADHD experience.  My current therapist is looking into this also but this has been a challenge due to the trouble getting appointments with him and going sometimes a month between visits due to his schedule.  I've reached out to the two therapists/coaches that are listed on the "Resources - Professional Help and Support Groups" but have not been able to reach them through their web forms.  I only did just start to contact them this last week so I figure that with the holiday weekend that they may be unavailable, so I will try contacting them this coming week again.  Does anyone else have any insight to resources in the Madison, WI area.  I'm going to go to my first support group in a week through CHADD.

Thanks in advance for any help.