affiliate connections??

To: [email protected]
I have a marketing company and tonight, my husband with adult ADHD would NOT leave me alone! I went online where I discovered only your blog for advice to married couples dealing with this issue.

I was originally introduced to you through Tara McGillicuddy and have been following your blog intermittently for the last two years but tonight I wondered if you had any affiliate links that I could pass along both to my fellow marketers and others that I know are dealing with this issue. I noticed that you do not have a Facebook "Like" button or any other social media sharing tools except for Twitter. I know you have done webcasts; are those available somewhere? I know you've written other media besides the one book even if it's just five pages of advice to a wreck like me! Please say that we can glean more from your extensive knowledge ...

ADHD is not just for kids.

Hopefully we can tell more people about this safe haven for adults.