Ah, the rage seemingly comes out of nowhere for H!

2 incidents in the last 2 days. 

Saturday night our neighbor is playing his guitar for quite a while. Finally at 9:30 H goes over to his house and nicely asks him to turn down the volume on the amp. The neighbor goes "Oh was it that loud?" Yeah it was pretty loud. He turns it down a bit but continues to play. About 10:15 he finally stops, but about 15 minutes prior to that H asks me what the name of our neighborhood association is and I tell him but ask why. He yells back at me with the windows open hoping that this guy will hear him "BECAUSE HE WON'T SHUT THE **** UP WITH THE GUITAR!". Well I just wanted to crawl under a rock when he shouted that. The guy's house is on the opposite side of our house from where we were sitting, plus the guitar was so loud that he wouldn't have heard it. But the neighbors on the other side of us and behind us most certainly did because they both had their windows open. He was fine up until that point, other than being a bit irritated with the guitar, but then so again was I after he had been playing it for over an hour. Then just rages out loud about that guy.

Then Sunday night on our way home he gets road rage, as he does every single time I'm in the car with him. Well that morning he was changing lanes from the left to the middle lane and at the same time a car from the right was merging into the middle as well. I can see the car merging as he is and say "look out" and that car honks and practically sideswipes us. H goes "Well I had the right of way" Really? Of course it's not your fault! Then last night on the way home he was getting so upset with all the cars in the left lane going the speed limit or under and not moving for him that he was flashing his brights at them and if they didn't move, he'd go around them and then get in front of them. One guy he flashed his brights at didn't move so he moved into the next lane for a while, then when this guy passed us, he moved behind him and the guy tapped his brakes and we practically ran into him. Then H practically sideswiped him as the guy got into the other lane to push him out of the way. I'm so tense in my seat (and this is my car) and afterwards he pats my knee and goes "Sorry honey. If the guy would have just moved out of the way it would have been fine". NO! If you wouldn't have been an ******* in the first place it would have been fine!

It's been years since I've been in the car with him driving where he hasn't said anything about anyone's driving and been aggressive. It's getting to the point where I'm afraid to be a passenger in the car with him. I certainly won't drive with him in the car because then I hear nonstop how horrible my driving is. Well let's see, I don't nearly cause an accident every time I'm behind the wheel, have never gotten a speeding ticket or been in an accident. He cannot say the same to any of those. Yet I'M the bad driver!