And this is why I chose my username...

As you may recall, my wife lost her debit card and then my debit card last week and tried to lie by omission.  There were fraudulent charges made on the lost cards.

This weekend, I was supposed to take our tax documents to the accountant.  My wife texted the account and me to confirm the address.  The accountant apparently did not look closely enough and confirmed the wrong address.  The accountant also wanted me to leave the documents in her mailbox without ringing the bell to avoid disturbing her family.  I went there and discovered that the address did not exist.  I tried texting to get the right information, but I was not going to leave tax documents in a mailbox that MIGHT be the right one.

Afterword, my wife texted the accountant and me that she would drop the documents off on Monday.  Monday evening, I received a text message my wife sent to the accountant and me that she had apparently left the documents at work.  I texted my wife separately.  I thanked her for being honest and asked her to be more specific about where she left the documents.  She asked if I was being sarcastic.  I was trying to be more positive and supportive like she has been telling me to be.

Fortunately, she did find them this morning under a bunch of other things on her desk.  I was very worried that someone, such as the cleaning staff, would find them and we would have a major identity theft problem.

(Read the signature for the connection to my username.)