need adhd spouse to support me against neighborhood bullies

HI Everyone,

I have a neighbor who's kids keep bullying my kids.  My husband has adhd and is successful at work, but works very long hours.  I think the bullies see my house as an easy target since my husband isn't home and the other husbands are.  I am very stressed from having what feels like constant problems in my life.  I handle all the bully encounters on my own and very emotionally.  My husband doesn't step in to handle the bullying and seems embarrassed when I do handle it.  

Some examples of the bullying are a 9 year old girl telling my 3 year old to say "fucking penis" because she thinks it is funny.  Then the now 10 year girl told my  now 4 year old to eat fertilizer and dog poop.  The 10 year old also bullies my 10 year old daughter so much we had to switch school busses.

Her brother is also a bully and lately walked in our garage and taunted my 10 year old who was working on painting a science project.  Banging the science project planets together. He has been very destructive every time he is at our house.  

I talked to the family and told them to keep the kids away from my kids.  They aren't allowed in my house.  I have talked to the family doctor and a social service agency.  I told the family that any further bullying and I will call DHS to investigate their house.  Oddly enough, the 2 bullies want to be at my house and have a hard time staying away.  It is an extremely small cul de sac and the bullies mom and dad are the social center of the cul de sac.

I have 2 problems.  #1 My stress level from our adhd lifestyle has given me anxiety disorder and panic attacks, #2 I am not sure why my husband is able to let me handle these encounters alone.  He acts as if he could handle it better, dissaproves of how I handle the situations and yet doesn't intervene.  

My husband seems very sympathetic to my anxiety disorder and wants to help, but then he does nothing.  

Help!  I don't understand!  I just feel like my crappy life won't ever get better!

ps: a recent psychiatrist mentioned that I need cognitive behavioral therapy for my issues.  I am very sad and angry.