Another thing DH didn't think through...but now followed by pure bliss!

So all I've been hearing about for the past month is "It's almost the first race weekend". DH races motorcycles and has been super pumped about this weekend. His bike has been sitting in the garage since the end of the season last September. He tried firing it up in Feb. for the first time but it wouldn't start. He figured he needed a new battery, which he got and it seemed to work fine. In March he tried again and it would turn over but then eventually sputter out. Hooked up the laptop to it (because it has a computer core) and tried to diagnose the problem. The laptop crashed in the process and he restarted it but then that seemed to screw up the bike and it wouldn't get the signal to start. Well he tried and tried to figure it out himself (you know 10 minutes in the garage followed by an hour of something else then back to the garage) and finally last Saturday called the dealership and asked if they could reflash the computer so it would work. They said they could. He has this huge sigh of relief and sets up an appt for today at 3PM. Okay the fact that your bike doesn't start is a MAJOR issue and you are just going to casually stop by on way to the track after work on Friday with full knowledge that they will be able to fix the problem? The track is 2 hours away, probably more in heavy traffic, but he tells me that it should only take them 30 minutes to fix. Yes...PROBABLY!

So instead I took yesterday off and graciously offered to take the bike up to be fixed. The appt was at 10AM so I left the house around 9:30. It takes them about 1/2 hour just to type in the info and get the bike out of the trailer. After an hour they tell me they need the one key that I don't have on me and was never told I would need by DH. I call DH and he says well you can go back to the house and get it and turn around and go back or we can do it later this afternoon or I can just bring it to them tomorrow on my way to the track. I like to get things done and drive the 1/2 hour home to get the key and come back about 1:30. once again I sit there for about an hour and  then the guy comes out and tells me that the computer is fried and they will have to send it in to be fixed. Ergo that means no racing for DH so I get home about 3:30. So this quick fix that he thought would be no problem to fix on his way to the track really took a total of 6 hours with 2 trips and waiting and then only to be told it doesn't run. Why would you let some major issue like that wait until the day of?!

So I get home and DH is all bummed out and I am too because I was REALLY looking forward to having the house to myself for almost 3 full days! Well about an hour later after he had posted all his woes on Facebook, one of his fellow racers said they could race his bike. He took him up on the offer and the 3 days weekend is back on!!! He left for work at 4AM and is leaving for the track right from work. Let the fun begin!!! Actually for me fun is cleaning. I am an extremely organized and clean person and this will give me time to get the place spic and span!